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    New Member : Eric - 00 or 01 RSV Mille

    Gonna have to look at the title i own a few bikes - alot around the same year so I always up mix uffs hehe

    IT's not my current license plate no deal about editing it.. not liek it would matter anyways sometimes i don't get it but
    I have an imagination - im a law abiding citizen but.. Not.. iN MY SLEEp !! BRAAAAAAP - Wooo NEEner Neeener - Woopp VrooooooooooooM!

    And I have a video- Of her and my other work horses - I say work because I literally submit them to every style of riding possible and I use
    them like a every day.. I'm no " when this or when that" rider... I was born and raised in alaska - Don't let me get into explaining what we did in the winter- how we did it- proving what we did- and how my budyd lost a part of his finger because of what we did haha.. but this is alll great dialoge for future conversations with you wonderful RSV OWNERS!!!!!!

    so ill be using her for street and track.. Im not goign to just force her to live her life on the track- ill be looking for another motor soon to do some fun to

    I need to redo the video- I am pretty sure alot of stuff is say is incorrect- I'm trying to remember all the stuff that is done to the bike and it's difficult...

    I had a similar year RC-51 mostly tracked out.. And it had pretty much the same motor setup this ol' girl has.. Minus the power commander- I didn't need it.. Bike was a freaking beast. It would scare me. that was many miles ago however..

    As I got back in the saddle in the 1k Litre Twin world.. I felt right, ready, unlike my other experiences - In my personal opinion I had no business being on a track with a litre twin.. I Hope in the next year I get into the level of wanting a full on Inline 4 Litre Gsxr... But I don't think that's going to happen soon... I don't get on bikes and FRONT.. I get on bikes I can ride to there full potential.. The RC-51 was a BIG jump for me and honestly wasn't the smartest thing I could of done.. But- On the ape.. I am at home... and sad- I should of gotten one of these a couple years ago instead of leaving me in the world of slow 6's
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