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Thread: Assen - just before the high-side that nearly killed me.

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    Assen - just before the high-side that nearly killed me.

    On 14 Aug, myself and two other paraplegics were racing an RSVR1000 at Assen in the 3hr endurance No Budget Cup. I was the last rider, 20min from finishing, we weren't last and I was down to 2min04sec laps. Tapped the power to drive from first corner apex, lost the rear and highsided. The right foot and knee came unstrapped as the bike flipped into air. However my left knee and leg remained attached to bike, and I was crushed under the bike when it landed. Bike flipped twice more then bounced down track, all the time I was being crushed and broken.

    Medics believe it is a miracle I survived. Snapped right femur, very lucky not to have severed femoral artery and bled to death. The right femur has already been operated on with pins and plates stabilising the break. Left left suffered multiple 'shatterings', and debate went on about amputation. They have currently external fixated the lower left leg and foot. Arrived back in UK 8 days ago to have more operations to have internal fixations. Pelvis was broken. Arms and shoulders had severe bruising and skin removed.

    Looks like no more racing until 2014. I will go back to Assen and finish the race!!! Just need completely start again with bike and kit. Currently 8th in Minitwin Champs with Club Thundersport, and will hope to finish top ten next year!

    Trying to focus on healing, improved ways of fixing me to bike, and plans for more events.

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    Bloody hell, well I'm glad you're on the mend sort of. Ive seen some of the Talan lot at our trackdays and some of the guys in or club race in the no budget cup from Odiham.

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    Good luck with the recovery. I had a similar massive upper leg injury (not from a motorcycle accident) about 25 years ago. I know that pain.


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    Like your determination to get back on track. Hope your recovery goes well.

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    All the best with your recovery :

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    Hopefully you'll make a good recovery and be racing again. you put a lot of us able body people to shame with your determination and skill GOOD LUCK WITH RACING IN 2014

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