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Thread: My 2004 RSVR Streetfighter

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    My 2004 RSVR Streetfighter

    My bike definitely needs to be washed after being in the shop for the past couple of months. I finally got to take it out Sunday and wanted to snap a few pictures. Thats a Jester front fender with a few Tuono parts and a tail a fabricated myself. The headlight was actually a magnetic spotlight that you would put on a car roof. This whole build started when I bought the complete Jester kit thinking it was for a 2nd gen when it was not, even though his website said "RSVR". I custom fitted the hell out of it but never got around to painting it and wanted to get my bike out before the year was over so I put this little project together. Let me tell you that removing all of your electronics from the nose and putting them under the seat is a pain in the ass!

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    looks like something out of madmax but in a good way...

    wondered how you got confused with the Jester kit as its all gen1's on his website.

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