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Thread: My Mille

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    My Mille

    Finally picked it up! Got wet coming up the A1...

    Ok, i thought i would give you guys my first impressions after riding an early carb 750 SRAD for 7 years. Firstly the Mille feels very tall and narrow, the clutch seems quite heavy and biting point is a bit higher than i'd like. The brakes have a really good bite and feel - well the fronts anyway...

    The gearing seems much too tall for a sports bike - more suited to a cruiser/tourer. After a while my left wrist started to ache as the riding position seems very arse up, head down!

    The bike is pretty noisey as well - after i washed it, i discovered and removed some electrical tape from the exhausts. Underneath i found a stamping 'not for road use'...

    Good instant grunt/acceleration, but i noticed some mild drivetrain shunt if you change up too early - the tall gearing not helping here i reckon.

    Compared to the rev hungry SRAD, its a bit like my Golf 1.9 tdi against my missus' 1.6 petrol car, both have the same power figures, but one has more torque and a completely different driving/riding experience.

    The first thing im going to do is shorten the gearing. My SRAD is -1 on the front and +2 on the rear and pulls just shy of the rev limiter in 6th - perfect! Deffo going for a 16T front, but not sure if i should go for a 43 or 44 rear - can i still get away with the standard chain with a 16/44?



    Pic here:

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    Fit a different clutch slave cylinder ..Oberon or MPLA to lighten the clutch and bleed bleed bleed

    Def change the gearing.....and Drexel of the writing on the exhaust or put a new bit of tape on it ha ha

    The rear brake will be crap no doubt ...either bleed with the caliper off and held high or rear sets that move the master cylinder away from the exhaust like these aprilia performance items
    Aprilia Performance rear-sets

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