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Thread: Mille with twin exhausts

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    Oct 2010

    Mille with twin exhausts

    Twin leovinces + falco collectors. Look and sounds very nice (bike needs cleaning though


    ps: my side bags are touching exhausts now, how to solve it, not to burn them?
    ps2: falco passanger sets are also wanted. I've just lost I good offer, so I'm looking again...

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    They are looking good...

    Could you make a small cage type thing to keep the bags off the pipes
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    First that came up to my mind, was to shorten mufflers. But it is a waste of them, they are so nice
    So I thought just like redratbike and I've found some steel stick and improvise:
    I is functional, but it looks like crap Also mounting needs to be improved. Some advice would be great...

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