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Thread: Motorcycle Art!!!!!

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    Motorcycle Art!!!!!

    Any of you folks ever get any 'ordinary' pictures of you redone? I've never had any 'action' shots of me taken before. Went on a ride with a couple guys to Neah Bay about three weeks ago, and one of the guys with a camera took off about 5 minutes ahead of us in order to park on the side of the road to capture some shots of us.

    After browsing one of pnwriders site sponsors sites (, I decided to use their motorcycle art to see what they could do to what I felt was otherwise a little boring to begin with. Surprisingly, they sent me back different versions of my photograph. See below:

    I just ordered it, and should be getting it shortly. I’ll post up my feedback of the finished product once I get it. So far, it’s been very easy to do and they are also quick on communication.

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    Any news and feddback?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AREESSMILL View Post
    Any news and feddback?
    Yeah! I love it! It came out GREAT! Scale 1-10, easily a 10!

    The quality of the print, and the material that they used is very easily top notch stuff. I was a bit concerned with how it would turn out. What kind of ink and material they would use, but it all came out fantastic. Very much so worth the money.

    Equally impressive was the packing that they did. They carefully bubble wrapped it, and wrapped it in several boxes for great protection. Nothing would've been damaged even if other boxes were stacked on top of it. Order it. You won't be disapointed.

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