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Thread: Poole Pics

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    Poole Pics

    Just got back from my first time at Poole Bike Night and thought I'd share a few pics - crap as they are (sorry).
    Had a good ride down with one of my regular riding mates and some guys I've never ridden with before. Nice blat down - apart from the endless 30/40 limits through the posh villages almost all the way between Blandford and Poole.
    Loads of bikes there and lots of eye candy such as Vincents and some modern exotica. Not many Apes although I did meet a couple of guys from the 2No zone - one of whom (TournoStu? Sorry) has a very smart all-carbon 2No.
    Pie and chips on the quay, watching the biking world go by and loads of biking bullshit - excellent.
    MILF (Motorbike I'd Like to Fook) of the night - a strangely sexy BMW R1100S Boxer Cup replica.
    Good blast back A350 to Shaftsbury then old A30 to Salisbury.

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    WFT is that checkered bike on the first pic

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    Quote Originally Posted by sprocker View Post
    WFT is that checkered bike on the first pic
    It's a Streetfightered GSX-R (think, didn't look to close) with a nitrous kit.

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    Looks good sorry I didn't make it but work got in the way next time

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    Was it yourself we followed from Blandford way ? On the yellow rsvr, couldn't hear a word you said..... tinnitus don't you know !

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