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Thread: Newest family addition

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    Baby Twin
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    Jun 2009

    Talking Newest family addition

    Evening folks....

    Just stopping by to say hi, recently ventured in to the Vee twin scene...
    Here's my new girl, what do you think of her
    She makes a little more noise than the blade I previously had lol !!!

    Fecking hope i have done this right !!!

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    Evil Twin Nadz's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Weymouth, Dorset
    Very nice, i bet it sounds nice with those cans on

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    Sweet looking ride ( Welcome to the forum )

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    Mick Oliver
    Very sweet and those cans look great must be just a tad noisy
    Welcome your on the best site specially if you need help
    Enjoy your ride

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    Evil Twin RegisRSV's Avatar
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    May 2009
    High Wycombe
    looks the bollocks m8! really liking the cans and the stealthy look. if we got that and my rsv side by side and revved them up guarenteed windows wud shatter! lol welcome 2 da forum m8

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    GP Champ sharky's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    very nice looking mille you have there how do you get on with the MIVV's some lads have had a loy of trouble getting them fettled..........

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    lees rsv
    welcome mate nice looking ride be safe and have fun

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