Hi all, don't know if anyone's been affecfted by the demise of Easytrack - if you're bored have a sniff around on google and some of the people on various other forums have been proper
stitched up. I was lucky, only lost 100 quid.
Well, I'd given up all hope of getting any kind of credit trackday or refund - and looking at the new website that's taken them over they said they're not and will not be doing bike days.
Checked my bank statement last night, and to my major surprise I've been fully refunded!!

So anyone who bought days from them before they went bust (well, the owner basically did a runner with everyone's money but it amounts to the same), don't give up you might get
something back in the end.

On the subject, all booked for Brands Hatch evening on 29th and then Blyton on Saturday the 1st - busy week for me!!