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Thread: My Mille R has changed !

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    My Mille R has changed !

    Hi, never for a second did I think I`d be posting on this thread, but last year at age 59 and way unfit I was talked into trying a track day ..what do they say about the rest being history?
    6 this year at 60 and one to go at Knockhill next week. This really is an(if I can)story .. the only knee down will be if I fall off and no way am I getting under the screen!!
    I have met some really great folks and not once felt in the way or (whats he doing here?).
    I have tried to add some photos of the changes to the Mille`s outfit but be kind I am old you know !!
    If you are puting off going a trackday .. DON`T .. it`s never too late and the people are really ace

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    Good on ya!!!!!!,

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    Great pics and you surely had a blast right? Thanks for sharing....

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