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Thread: Pair Cans - 2004 RSVR WANTED

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhodeseeker View Post
    Just put the 350mm DK's on and whipped the baffle out, They roar mate. Top advice.. Put other ride out info on the For Sale link.. Cheers guys..

    Ah, nice one Rhode, wondered if they`d been delivered for you today then ?

    I take it you`re well-pleased then, and they`re loud enough for you ?

    What`s the quality like, and last but not least, could I be cheeky enough to ask for a quick Youtube vid of the sound, when you have a minute ?

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    Dexter, the quality looks good to me and the welding etc. is very neat.. I have uploaded onto You Tube albeit i could not turn the images round which my daughter took so they are side on - see link

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