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Thread: pillion seat 03 rsv

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    pillion seat 03 rsv

    long shot i know
    i am after some hens teeth , rockin horse sh*t and a pillion seat for a rsv 03 mille

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    take a look in for sale thread bud

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    Quote Originally Posted by bull View Post
    long shot i know
    i am after some hens teeth , rockin horse sh*t and a pillion seat for a rsv 03 mille
    Hi ya bud,
    I think I have a seat that fits an 03, I wanted to buy one for my 02 model and the wrong one turned up, I will check the PN and get back to you....smiffy

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    The PN on the bottom of the rear seat pad is DIS.E 106544, I have looked on the Aprilia web site and cant find this number which tells me its not the correct PN as all the Aprilia PN's start with AP.
    If you can find out anymore than me...then please advise......if it is the correct one then I will take 25 plus PP. It is in perfect condition and cost me 40 plus PP only a month or two ago.

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    PM sent

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    lees rsv
    I have one too if any one needs one as i dont take any one on the back and a set of rear foot pegs off an 03

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    hi lee
    i see you live in caerphilly i live round the corner in Machen.. will have to go out for a blast over the beacons when we get some sun....

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    lees rsv
    yes mate will do did you get a seat if not i have one

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    yea Smithy is postin it out tomorrow cheers.... it should fit but the part number doesnt correspond to anything on the aprillia catalogue, thats the italians i guess keep you on your toes if it wont fit i will give you a shout

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