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Thread: Red front wheel 07RSVR

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    Smile Red front wheel 07RSVR

    Hi. I'm after a red front wheel for my bro's 07RSVR. Don't need discs or tyre!
    The one with 5 spokes splitting into 10.
    Currently rebuilding his crashed bike using bits from an 04 bike. When finished i will have a lot of good parts for sale, i.e.
    Pair of grey wheels from 04 model
    Possibly entire front end(showa i think)
    Maybe a tank
    And probably some other random bits.


    If u have a red wheel or might be interested in any of these parts i'd like to hear from u..
    Cheers, Rich.. :-}

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    hi there im in need of early front wheel asap give me a call 07930371231

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