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Thread: 01-02 rear seat cowl

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    01-02 rear seat cowl

    Hi there :0)
    Any body got an 01-02 rear seat cowl for sale Matt black would be grate cheers guys ;0)

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    Hi Mate, i know this is from a while ago so no worries if you've sourced one already, but i have a Matt black seat cowl if you fancy it?

    Just to be sure, (because i had an 03 which i'd bought this one for) this is the wider seat cover with the rubber strip on the front. My 03 was the tiny seat pod and finding one of these was harder than finding rocking horse poo!

    PM me and ill send photo's etc. ive got pic's i can send too but there on my home computer.

    Let me know if your interested.

    Cheers Dan

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