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Thread: 2004,RSV,R,Factory,Parts,wanted

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    Hi All,

    I have managed to drop my 2004,red and silver, rsv ,r factory on 2nd track day, and experience the difference between dry and damp track.Yes I was stupid enough to go on with all original fairing parts.I'm therefore hunting some essentials first to get back on the road:

    •rear seat fairing
    •both rear indicators
    •double bubble screen
    •2 rear exhaust cans with removable baffles.

    Also looking for Pretty much all other panels.

    Any replies would be much appreciated.

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    Hi m8 is this any use to you with clear indicators?

    sorry don't have the rear light/brake lens or cowell
    pm me if interested

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    Hi there,looks good mate,and could definately be of use.what year are parts from?they do look like they would fit.What exactly do you have there?Have you any other pics at all?Thanks

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    hi mate dont kno if your sorted yet but ive a full set of fairings of an 09 in blue including lights indicators screen and fuel tank

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    Hi there,Thanks for reply.I got some parts and patched up in the end but put of interest what are you selling them for and would they fit an 04 I wonder?

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