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Thread: 2006-2008 RSV 1000 R Engine

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    2006-2008 RSV 1000 R Engine

    I am looking to possibly buy a 2006-2008 Engine to replace the one in the bike now. So if any one knows or has a bike that has been thrashed for one reason or another and is willing to sell their engine i would be greatly appreciative. Or if anyone knows where i might be able to get my hands on one that would be a great help too. Just preparing for the worst case scenario.

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    I've got a spare 06 motor in large bits (heads/barrels off) but would suggest the cases are split & checked as it's been sitting in the (dry & ventilated) garage for a year or so. It was a 1060, pal I bought it off reckoned it had only covered 5000 miles max, I robbed the top end for my track bike so in essence a 5000 mile bottom end with standard 2500 mile top end.


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