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Thread: Numberplate holder

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    Numberplate holder

    Looking for a decent number plate holder (non plastic as they keep breaking) for an '07 RSV Factory. Not the original but one of those tidy ones.


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    Saw one on eBay last night

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    Baby Twin
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    Apr 2011
    Umm, some of the flee-bay ones are plastic and snap, like mine did, such a poor pathetic design (make sure you check).

    I phoned "redline-performance" and was pointed in the direction of Evotech Performance for a super fast next day delivery of a CNC Aluminium part that included number plate bolts and legal reflector complete with additional reflector bracket and detailed instructions (for those that need).
    The bracket is even profiled with the step to fit the recess under the rear seat perfectly.
    Absolutely top class service and it's all on and ready to go.

    Will let you know if it ever fails, I doubt it!

    Some body must be doing a nice line in Carbon ones?

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