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Thread: Akra or arrow end can

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    Akra or arrow end can

    I'm looking for a aka or arrow end can for 01-03 rsv

    Cheers dudes

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    got an Akra that needs a new sleeve as i found out that carbon and rsv's dont mix , i knew this but loved the look of it

    new ti / stainless sleeve and you are away

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    hello mate
    I've got an akrapovic going spare-titanium race with carbon strap and link pipe, no damage, nice can.Very lite! fairly noisy!
    if you need pics just pm your email address n i'l send you some. 150 collected or another tenner tops posted, maybe less.
    cheers Mike 07887520231 (I have 2 leo vince exhausts for rsvs as well)

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