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Thread: Ohlins forks wanted

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    Ohlins forks wanted

    As per tittle Ohlins forks wanted for 1999 Rsv Mille.

    Cheers kev

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    Save yer money and get the original Showas re-valved and resprung by a decent expert as then they're just as effective.

    If it's the bling factor you're after then Griff at AP can have them re-anodised to look like Ohlins. This aves having to get the Ohlins compatible yokes too ;-)

    If I had some spare dosh I'be contacting PaulW 'cos he's got a pair of the 05 radial mount Showas for sale complete with brembo radial calipers and master cylinder for the best of both worlds.



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    Cheers Jon

    Replied to your PM Kev.

    Calipers & m/cylinder sold, forks still available. As Jon says I'd rate them as good as Ohlins when set up, won't need to change the yokes and they don't blow seals every 5 minutes!

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    yep got a spare set of forks ready for a Griff showlins make-over as soon as i have the spare cash

    ..not got the added expense of yokes+new clip-ons

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