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Thread: RSVR Factory - Modifications

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    RSVR Factory - Modifications

    Guys and Gals,
    I have a 2004 RSVR factory with 6000 miles and its in new condition. It's my second one and have decided to spend a bit of money modifying it. I already have the Akropovic SP cans on it, but otherwise its standard. I am trying to source all carbon panels for it like the Nera, but on top of that I am looking to spend between 3k and 7k modifying it. I am really not up to speed with all the mods you can done to bikes, so any suggestions are welcome. Oh and I aint selling and exchanging I want to upgrade her. Any suggestions will be seriously considered and I will start a thread of how the mods are coming on. Oh and the budget is about limitless really, if it goes over, it goes over. The way I ride I can already kick the arse off of most new bikes, but would like something special. Any suggestions welcome. Cheers

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    if you want power then its a bigbore (1060,1103,1127)kit with headwork and cams ,60mm throttle bodies with shower injectors,there is a company in italy that does a set of variable intake trumpets ,akrapovic evo 6 exhaust system,dynojet pcv with advanced map with seperate maps for each cylinder,bst carbon wheels .full suspension set up or upgrade the internals and better rear shock,remember the ohlins fitted are the budget range

    if you go for the engine make sure its someone who has proven history with these engines

    where are you based?

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    Aberdeen. I have decided to go with the 1103 Bore Kit. Thanks for the advice.

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