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Thread: UK- Track/race fairings and other minor bits wanted 98 to 03 mille

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    UK- Track/race fairings and other minor bits wanted 98 to 03 mille

    My bike is a 2001 Mille R. I only use it on the track.

    I am after:
    - Some track fairings, full set or what ever you may have.
    - Ram air tubes to suit track fairings.

    My handy spares needs topping up;
    - Brake/Clutch levers
    - Crash bungs (with/without mounts)
    - Toe pegs that mount on rear brake and gear levers
    - 520 sprockets
    - Exhaust protector, like an R&G.

    Let me know what you have, even if i havent mentioned it i might be able to use it.

    cheers all

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    I can do you a good deal on a new set of fairings, and will have a look tomorrow and see what other spares I have.


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    Mate I've a bottom belly pan would suit as it has scratches on it
    And have both pegs left and right if you were interested
    30 for the belly pan and 25 for the pegs

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