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Thread: RSV / RSVR Wanted

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    RSV / RSVR Wanted

    Evening All,

    I'm looking at returning to the RSV/R family.
    I had an absolute minter a couple of years back which i did 150miles on before selling as the GF at the time was heavily pregnant!
    They offer great VFM, i love the looks & i love the sound of them so i see it as an ideal bike.
    What i'm looking for?!
    Well it needs to be low mileage (sub 12K really) age is un-important, however i don't want any form of stolen repaired/crashed etc.
    Also, standard paint colours, no re-sprays in odd colours it just de-values the bike.
    I'd also like one with the slave upgrades etc, even ideally the stand upgrade would be great!
    Full service history is a must, with the low miles documented as obviously these bikes are known for zeroing the clocks.
    What can i offer you? Cash, a great home for your bike & an easy transaction (ideally not someone in the North of England though as i'm in Devon.
    I have a budget, i know what these bikes buy & sell for.
    If you know of anything that maybe suitable let me know!

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