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Thread: Mirror covers ???

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    Mirror covers ???

    Was just wundering if anyone had a pair of mirrors kicking around from the Mille ..... ?

    The bike in question is the earlier model ......

    I have been instructed to make some carbon covers for them, so not looking for minters the condition aint to important.

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    carbon kid
    er... I have a left or right kicking about mate.
    PS-any chance you gonna make the inner parts to the outer airduct covers? its the only non carbon piece I have left.

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    i might have one from one the crash but im not sure what sort of condition it`s in will double check tonight for ya buddy

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    I've got a set you can have Boyler. Pm me your details and i'll get them off to you. Ever thought about a complete swingarm cover for the early model?

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