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Thread: Front Fairing Ears!!!!

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    Talking Front Fairing Ears!!!!

    Hi guys,

    Don't suppose any of you out there have those two small pieces of bodywork that sit either side of the headlamp?

    I have just bought a 2002 RSVR with them missing.

    Was hoping that someone who has upgraded to carbon ones may want to sell the plastic ones.


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    I have a slightly scuffed one you can have for the price of the postage

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    I also have a slightly scuffed one you can have for say 5 delivered? its the left side one (as in left hand when your sat on bike)

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    Guys that would be great thanks for your responses.

    YellowRSVR, I don't suppose the one you have is the right hand side as your sat on the bike?

    How would you like me to reimburse you for the postage etc....?


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    At work today, will check in the morning and let you know

    As for postage, just put a couple of quid in a charity box somewhere.

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    If we ever meet up at say Brands Hatch I'll buy you a beer or a latte.

    I do sell tickets etc.... for a head injuries charity so I'll buy a fivers worth and stick your name on them. Don't get too excited mind, been doing for 10 years and won bugger all but hopefully helped loads of people.

    PS. I get free tickets for Brands now and again, I'll remember this don't worry.

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    I'm at Brands this thursday as it goes

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    What's on at Brands on Thursday?

    I only live 15 mins away on my bike, seeing as I'm on holiday I may pop up.

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    i'm doing a track day, i've not done brands before so should be lots of fun fun fun!

    you on msn by the way? if you are im
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    Cool, just added you to MSN and may pop up to Brands on Thursday to see if I can watch you go round Paddock for the first time.

    It's quite daunting in a car god knows what is is like on a bike.

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    I'm more worried about Clearways, as I've heard its rippled tarmac due to all the trucks that go round, and alot of people highside there.... just have to make sure my suspension is up to scratch.

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    Take it easy tomorrow i take it you watched the superbikes there on sunday.
    Any how who is going to Brands for the trackday tomorrow, i am on nights tonight but if its quiet at work and i don't need too much sleep, and the weather looks sound i may come down for a nose and a coffee.

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    Sorry guys gotta blow this one out, missus has demanded that I take her and the kids to Leeds Castle for the day.

    Well, I suppose I will be at Leeds Castle in body but my spirit will be at Brands watching you guys.

    Maybe another time hey!!!

    Let me know when you are next visiting Brands and I will try to meet up for a Latte or a beer.

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