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Thread: Clutch Lever Top Clamp

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    Clutch Lever Top Clamp

    After trying to adjust the angle of my clutch lever to suit me, i nipped up the 2x8mm bolts, and managed to snap in half the top mounting clamp piece.

    Anyone have a spare one they don't need.

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    Just ordered a new one for 10.60 as i needed it ready for the tt.

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    feck me Beanie stop fiddling with the bike youll never get to the TT lol

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    Tell me about it,

    I fitted my new r&g bar ends, then remembered someone said to adjust my levers to my angle to reduce the dead fingers syndrome i get from riding the bike.

    2 minutes later, i have a leaking clutch hose, 1 broken top clamp, and there was no movement to be had anyway, so they just went back to their original positions.

    was planning to drop the swinging arm out to get out the broken off studs so i can fit my c/f hugger, but that can wait till after the tt now.

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