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Thread: Stupid poxy bit but ...

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    Stupid poxy bit but ...

    OK, what I need is the rubber-encased stud that bolts to the frame and forms the lower rear oil tank mount on my 01. It's sort of like a rubber barrel with a stud poking out each end.
    You can imagine how long this would take to get from Aprilia and everyone breaking one can't be bothered to answer my emails.
    So if you can help, thanks.

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    hows the rest of the bike mate did the gremlins fooook off ?

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    No mate, this is just another problem I spotted while I was poking around.

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    M8 just cut an end off a 12mm or 15mm hose and stick it on ( well thats what i did anyway and it works a treat.

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    Most dealers have these in stock mate, I know cause I had to replace all mine soon after buying the bike.

    The exhaust cooks them and they go brittle and break off, leaving the oil tank flapping around.

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