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Thread: starter sprag clutch

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    starter sprag clutch


    Iam after a new sprag clutch and assosiated parts to do the job (i.e new gasket and possible starter cogs etc) please can someone let me know where i can get one from im in plymouth devon so either a close shop or someone willing to post parts to me.

    Many thanks


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    Call Aprila performance, speak to Griff. He can talk you through it and can send the bits down. I also wouldn't let GT's touch it. Aprilia Performance

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    Thread hijack apologies. Whats wrong with GT's? used them before for a different bike, just bought the Mille and figured that would be the go to place. Where would you recommend? Also thanks for the link, spent ages looking for some rearsets to relocate the master cylinder and haven't found any, there they are front page Any one fitted them?

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    Don't rate them mate. Had work done there before and they didn't do a good job. I won't bore you with the details.

    To behonest the sprag isn't actually that hard to do yourself. You only need the puller and the tool to hold the crank, which is basically a bit of 8mm (I think)threaded bar. There is a few step by step guides to do it, about on the forums.Save you a fair amount of money. Obviously need some garage tools aswell.

    Failing that I have only ever heard good things about Aprila performance give them a ring the often do road trips, or take it up in a van

    The AP rear sets are meant to be great, although I think you need the hrc kit to re route the rear brake res
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    Yep aprilia one but me and the apboys ahve touched my bike for the last 8 years

    Aprilia performance rearsets..sorted my brake now it's maybe too good ha ha h

    Griff has his own pop over and say hello say I sent you

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