1. E

    air injection sounds, minor clicking and possible backspiting

    Hey chaps I newly got a 01 RSV Mille and just yesterday after a 2hour drive i left the bike like 1 hour and after that i got a nasty sound possibly from the intake system like hving a hard time sucking in the air and at random times it gives a backfire when holding steady revs. After i came...
  2. R

    Throttle body air screws

    What are the factory settings on a 2000 aprilia rsv mille for the air screws?
  3. Hertsrsvr

    Gen 1 RSV renegade air filter system for sale

    Renegade air filter for rsv mille gen 1 £65 posted includes plate and filter. (Posted uk only) Email me and I'll send photo. Stupid picture won't load
  4. H

    Want To Buy Renegade air kit for gen 2 rsv

    Want to buy a renegade air kit to a rsv 1000 gen 2 best regards Jonas
  5. A

    Air duct (inner)

    Looking at the parts diagram, it shows inner air duct 2 x AP8102831 (std & R) or AP8168759 & AP8168760 (RL) My bike has neither fitted, will this hurt performance? or improve it? I am wanting good air flow especially at high speed as I will be entering some top speed events with this bike. Do...
  6. I

    Air box

    Hi all, I have a 2011 aprilia sr50 but the air box (containing air filter) is cracked and is creating unwanted air and loosing power. Any idea if any other years or air boxes will fit this or where I can buy one as I can't find one anywhere thanks Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
  7. S

    Air box, what's going on here

    Just lifted the tank on my new bike and on looking at the air box there seems to be no top fitted and an alloy ring fitted around the top where the top and bottom should meet.... Is this normal. See pic to get better idea
  8. L

    rear end always in the air

    Anyone else have the problem when braking the rear wheel is always in the air, seems everyone else can brake well then I'm following up rear in the air trying not to run into them. Forks don't bottom out....suggestions..
  9. F

    Want To Buy Big Air boot

    Hi all As in the title I'm after the big air intake boot from an early mille. Thank you flick
  10. M

    Mille R oem air box v.s after market ???

    Plz forgive my lack of knowledge, it's my first Mille. Is this the oem air box or an upgrade? I'm assuming upgrade since the air filter it calls for doesn't fit. If so where plz give me some names and part#s off filters. This one is a Pipercross...
  11. M

    Air Filter For '03 Mille R ???

    Good day from the states. Where can I find an air filter for my Mille R? Just picked this beauty up and starting my teardown.
  12. J

    Renegade type air box

    Does anyone know who does the renegade type air box kits for my 98 mille?
  13. A

    Air box mod

    Will this seal do it?? Says its 32mm depth so from edge of the box to inside of tank? They do smaller sizes but I was trying to get a good seal Andy
  14. K

    mwr air filter

    Have any of you tried the mwr high effeciency(open air box equivalent) air filter , as i have the aluminium ring with gasket and afa filter that doesnt seem to seal properly to bottom of air box , and the mwr closes of the top with a second filter, cheers
  15. K

    evo open air box

    Hi guys newbie to forum, just bought 2002 ,rsv mille , twin akra's , power commander , and discovered it has the evo airbox mod , lifted the tank and filter looks a bit crushed / distorted by underside of tank and not seated in locating ring properly, will a k&n filter fit/ be constructed...
  16. J

    Mwr air filters

    Hi all I am new to the aprilia rsvr I have just got a 2001 in very good condition and very low miles,it has a acraprvic can and chip just want to know if anyone knows anything about the mwr filters just thinking of getting one.Any other tips for profomance always welcome thank you.
  17. A

    Hooked air box

    Can you still get them? Was trying to get old of one last yr, Was told in stock but phoned up and upto. 3 wks del, I know it was last yr but not heard much about them since just 2nd hand ones, Cheers andy
  18. T

    Want To Buy Gen 2 evo air filter kit

    Any one got one?
  19. S

    MWR Air filter

    Has anyone fitted one? And what do you think?