1. J

    2004 RSV1000R Factory Race/Track Bike

    Hi all I'm thinking of selling my track bike, just punting it out seeing if there's any interest Its a proper piece of kit. The list of extras is enormous, i'd probably get more splitting it but I haven't got the time. Here's a basic list. Bike: Woodcraft clip ons Mattise steering damper...
  2. markul

    Selling a bike thats been standing for 4 years

    Hi All, I'm after a bit of advice. I've got a 2004 RSV that I want to sell. Problem is, its been standing in the garage for 4 years. Before then it was well well loved and given an occasional Griffing. Its in good condition, done about 22,000 miles. So - How do I go about selling it? Whats...
  3. J

    Custom ‘02 RSV Mille Race Bike

    Custom 2002 Aprilia RSV Mille for sale. 18k miles. Current CA registration. $4,500 obo. Bike is located in Goleta, CA. Custom race fiberglass has endurance style headlight and taillight. Clean and stored indoors it's whole life. I’m having a hard time uploading photos here from my phone, but...
  4. badgermilk

    RSV track bike

    Hi all new mtb hobby forces sale of my RSV track bike that I've owned for 7 years but not used in a while. Previously had a daytime mot and I have the v5. Aprilia rsv track bike full package. Everything you need to get you on track. Full spares track stands, tyre warmers. Upgraded and fully...
  5. J

    Help bike won't run

    Hi everyone. I am at a loss. I have an 03 tuono. Was running fine the other day, come the morning it starts and runs for about 2 or 3 seconds and stops. If I try and use the fast ideal or throttle it won't start, only starts if I touch nothing and again it stops after 2 or 3 seconds. It was...
  6. S

    Bike not shutting off.

    Hi- I’m new to this forum so apologise if this issue has already been raised. I’m having issues my 2002 RSV Mille not switching off. Ignition, kill switch, side stand doesn’t work and can’t even stall it. I had to get under and disconnect my battery. My new battery is almost dead as a result...
  7. R

    My bike RSV mille ME 1999

    Just looking information. What tires to use? Right now running michelin pilot sports what is better for street race. Bike got carbon airbox, aprilia 4race can and ecu wire is cut, what Chip should i use? And some information about headers? Had some alarm problems and now showing fault codes...
  8. A

    New bike - RSVR1000 2005

    Just bought a RSVR1000 2005. It has done 18000 miles. Switched from a 1997 GSXR 600, and my new bike will be delievered next week. I have some questions. Since it's a V-twin. - How will the fuel consumption be when travelling long distance and keeping the bike steady at about 60 mph...
  9. S

    Research Project - Female Bike Racers

    Hi guys, Im currently doing a project within my sports coaching course in college and my focus is the Perception of Female Bike Racers and thought there would be no better place to find people's views than on a forum. If you could help me that would be great, Your initial perceptions of a...
  10. R

    Bike won't start with new R/R setup?

    So after some charging problems, I decided to replace my entire charging system and re-wire the R/R. I replaced the stator with a new one from RMStator and tested it after installation, getting 60+ VAC across all 3 pairs, whereas previously one pair was low. So stator is definitely good and...
  11. J

    WANTED Gen 1 RSV Mille, preferably R version, will travel for the right bike

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I'm looking to buy a Gen 1 RSV Mille, preferably R version, in good condition and I will travel for the right bike so please message, call me on 07815 688361 or email, Thanks, John.
  12. J

    WANTED Gen 1 RSV Mille, preferably R version, will travel for the right bike

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I'm looking to buy a Gen 1 RSV Mille, preferably R version, in good condition and I will travel for the right bike so please message, call me on 07815 688361 or email, John.
  13. B

    bike shuts off suddenly and unexpectently

    Has this ever happened to anyone before? (2008 RSV-R) twin While riding, the bike shuts off completely just like a switch was pulled. After coasting to the side of the road, I shut the key off and wait for 1 minute. Then I just restart the bike and proceed like nothing happened at all...
  14. 7

    First Litre Bike

    Hi folks, newbie here. Going taking a test ride on an rsvr tomorrow but wanted to get a few opinions first from the people that know, rather than from a salesman looking to hit his targets. This will be my first litre bike. I'm 39 and spent a year (and about 16k miles) on a yamaha r125 before...
  15. T

    57 mm throttle upgrade, bike won't fire

    Hi guys anyone Upgraded bodies or have ideas why I'm not getting the bike to start Changed the bodies and have and a new chip. Bike was running fine before the change. Tried unplugging the pc3.the fuel pump primes with key in ignition so believe it's getting fuel. I have switched the chips...
  16. jack930

    Dropped my bike!

    FFs slow maneuver turn on gravel and front end slipped, lost footing and over she went, bent foot leaver, break lever bent, scuffs on lower fairing bar end and radiator side scuff and dent..oh and new exhaust all scuffed and dent..:angry:angry:angry
  17. Quinn

    Race Bike Build

    Base bike found on ebay, will upload images as it progresses, going to be doing Sound of Thunder/Golden Era Racing with her next year all going well.
  18. D


    Hey every one to Aprilia
  19. A

    Want To Buy Headlight for 03 Bike Please

    Headlight required for standard 03 Mille, good condition please. May consider full set of body work inc headlight
  20. S

    2004/5 panels on 2006 bike?

    Hi. I'm getting a crash damaged 2006 back on the road and she's now tip top mechanically. I've taken delivery of some after market race panels and - eek! The first panel I pick up - a rear left side panel has the seat unlock keyhole in a different place and the join line to the rear panel is...