1. narmin

    Having a blast in upstate NY

    Holy crap I love this bike! Just got an '08 RSVR and wow. Wow wow. This thing rocks! And, of course, it is absolutely, positively gorgeous! Now... Now I need to get some more bike handling skills. I mean, yeah, it's really easy to ride (really easy to ride) but I think I could get in trouble...
  2. Pottsy1

    And another Scottish Blast

    Come on guys post some runs possibly the last decent Sunday of the year A short blast to the Rest N Be Thankfull for a coffee and home via the washboard at Arrochar and over the military road to Loch Lomond Brilliant run
  3. Pottsy1

    Scottish Blast

    Short 140 mile round trip to Green Welly Tyndrum and Inverary with my wee lad on the back Nice Triumph parked up at the Welly Pics attached
  4. MilleBoy82

    Blast from the past haha!! few random bits for sale!!

    Alright lads its been a while!! im back in the country for a short time so i thought i best have a little clear out in the garage keep the mother happy :) open to offers on everything below just wanna help you boys out and make some space at the same time All Parts are from a 2001 RSV Mille...
  5. R

    Wiltshire blast

    Hey peeps, Is there anybody here from the wiltshite area? Im pretty new to riding the area and looking for some good local rides. anybody any suggestions?
  6. jarvis

    Out for a blast!

    Well gents just got meself a set of new tyres ( Michelin pilot powers, 120/70/17 & 180/55/17 ) from TST in warrington....How much i hear you say......£140 fitted! Thats what i call a bargain, not many pairs left.........would be a shame not to go out now and scrub them in a bit...
  7. D

    First Blast since 4 week

    G'damm what great bikes we have :scared When’d out for a blast this morning after fitting some new goodies :devious Tried on a New Mivv Titanium and some small tweaks on the Eprom side. Country roads with tight bends, it’s addicting to shoot out of those corners :whoop The new Maxxis is...
  8. A

    Anyone Up For A Blast Tomorrow?

    Managed to get a pass from the missus for tomorrow from about lunchtime, anyone in Kent fancy a blast round the lanes for a few hours? :doug Was thinking that if the weathers nice to head up to Whitstable, Herne Bay, Margate areas.
  9. RegisRSV

    hot, sunny day, excuse for a blast and sum mre pics!

    couldt resist getting out on the factory again today, just gets better and better every time i ride it! went down to PDQ my local tuning centre to find out about getting my bike set up with filter, pcIII and dyno time and stopped by Dorney Reach a quiet lakeside retreat..... at least it was...
  10. RegisRSV

    after a clean an a qwik blast!

    nothing much has changed, jus a nice day 4 a blast an a couple of piccies lol hoping to get some carbon bits off boyler soon and making my payment for some of marks black resovoir caps friday! couldnt resist a pose! lol (tart)
  11. rsvchris

    Out for a blast this weekend

    I know there's been a lot of talk about ride outs over the past few weeks/days on here but just to prove Rs3mille wrong put your hand up (so to speak) if you're gonna be out and about this weekend and prove that there are more than 3 mille riders who ride all year round. The weather looks like...
  12. bad boy

    Blast In The Morning

    Hi everyone,going for a blast in the morning,just down the coast somewhere,let me know,all the best.Kev:thumbup