1. A

    Brake light fuse

    Hi My brake light works fine until I turn the headlight on then the brake light fuse blows every time ! I have checked the the rear light unit and it’s all good so might it be a problem elsewhere? Thanks for any help cheers
  2. Italian twin

    Mille Front brake judder

    Hi guys, ive been pulling my hair out with this one as its a problem ive had for sometime now and I still havent got to the bottom of it. I have a 02 non radial Mille. Brake judder from speed feels like primitve ABS. No pulsing through the lever but judders right through the front end. Even...
  3. N

    HI, Guys, I have a question regarding Brembo 19 RSC brake master cylinder.

    Hi guys Trying to purchase Brembo 19 RSC brake master cylinder. Do I need to purchase after market Brake fluid reservoir? or Can I reuse the stock reservoir? Also do I also need to purchase aftermarket brake light switch as well?? Thank you in advance and ride safe.
  4. C

    Front brake brembo cap

    Hi Guys new to the forum and aprilia's just wondering does anyone know which other models Fit our front brake reservoir cap? Mines looking abit tatty. Thanks
  5. M

    '06 factory rear brake

    Hi guys ! Fairly new owner to these Aprilia's & not actually ridden it that much yet but I thought my rear brake was fine until I finally took it on a decent run & now I know the rear brake is pretty much non existent !!!!!!!!........ Not ideal , I'm wondering what the favoured / most effective...
  6. A

    Want To Buy Anyone got one of these spare?–A brake pad spring

    Brake Spring A brake spring for gen one 4 pad brembo caliper. I just need one of the springs - item number 6 in the link. You can only buy a kit with 2 springs and 2 pins. These are like rocking horse poo. Nothing on ebay (non usa) and that link is the only place i can find one. With postage...
  7. L

    front brake switch issue 07 factory

    Hi guys my front brake switch is not working i have a replacement and was wondering if anyone has changed this?
  8. W

    Want To Buy Front brake master cylinder to suit 02 rsv mille

    I'm looking for a front brake master cylinder to suit an 02 mille. Not fussed about a lever as mine is fine. I've snapped the bleed nipple and it works fine just a little un-nerving.
  9. D

    Help identify my Brembo clutch & brake cylinders for new levers - RSVR 2009

    I have a 2009 RSV1000R with Brembo master cylinder for the clutch & front brake. I'd like some LighTech levers for both but don't know what size I need. 16x18, 19x18, or 19x20. LighTech Official Store | LighTech Brembo Brake & Clutch Levers | Buy now Fast delivery Both master...
  10. D

    rsvr and rsvr factory suspension and brake differences

    Hi guys! looking for info on suspension and brake setup differences between rsvr and rsvr factory. I know that factory came with ohlins shock and forks, oz wheels, brembo brakes, my question is what parts are interchangeable? i.e. can i put oz wheels on non factory without swapping rotors...
  11. Bol D'or

    Front brake master cylinder dust seal

    Changed the levers on my 08 RSV1000R (Brembo brakes). No matter what I do, I cannot get the dust seal to slip over the little plunger on the lever any more. It's sort of 'pinched' and squashed now. I've tried lubricants, I've tried pulling it with point-nose pliers. It doesn't seem to be...
  12. P

    Aprilia Rsv mille 01-08 new Brembo front brake pads

    For sale new Brembo front brake pads for rsv mille 01-08. £75 including shipping Best regards
  13. Tash

    IRC evo 19/20 brake master cylinder

    As the title, I have got an IRC evo master cylinder for sale. It is in excellent condition with no mark's, looking for £125 delivered. Cheers Mark
  14. W

    Want To Buy 02 rsv mille front brake master cylinder.

    Looking for a non-radial front brake master cylinder for my 02 mille. The bloody bleed nipple sheared off while trying to undo it grrr. Cheers Dave
  15. J

    Brake Pads

    Hi can anyone recommend which brake pads are the best and your experiences including price and best place to order?
  16. Tash

    RSV/ Tuono brake disks

    I have got a pair of front and a rear disk's from an 07 Tuono, these will fit all RSV's/ Tuono's from 98- including V4's, the front disks will also fit Ducati's with a 6 bolt patern. The disk's are as new with no wear ridges and no warping. I am looking for £120 for all 3 or £100 for the fronts...
  17. xtriple

    I'm missing a part from the front brake

    Having owned a mille and knowing how much I liked the feel of the front brake setup. I decided I'd change the front brake on my speed triple to the brembo master cylinder fitted to millie's Ordered a good condition used spare from ebay and a replacement lever from M&P as the ebay master cylinder...
  18. Tash

    brake and clutch reservoir caps

    I have got a few sets of 4 Racing reservoir caps on offer, they are £35 pair including delivery, pm me if interested. Cheers Mark
  19. xtriple

    Front brake master cylinder piston diameter

    Hi, just wondering if someone could tell me the diameter of the piston in the front master cylinder. Thanks Jeff
  20. G

    Rear brake pistons won't push back.

    Hi all I am trying to push the rear brake pistons back but I am struggling to get them both back when one goes back the other pops back out. One of the plastic inner parts has also broke with my efforts will this be a problem long term. Both pistons move but I can't get them both out far enough...