1. H

    Brighton run sunday

    Anyone else doing the Ace café Brighton run on Sunday ? I`ll be heading down from Planet Thanet around 9:30am. I`ve always done the Hastings mayday run for the last 10yrs and this one the last 3-4yrs and it`s just as if not bigger than that one.
  2. N

    my rsv stolen - then recovered - brighton

    hi all.. just alittle heads up - for all you brighton lot.. my bike was nicked from outside my house tuesday night - police luckily caught them as they drove off - with my bike in the back of the van.. nicked the two blokes.. hopefully not too much damage - steering lock broke -...
  3. RobRSV03

    Ace Cafe, Brighton burn up, Sunday 13th

    Ace Cafe Reunion weekend 11th, 12th, 13th. Brighton burn up on sunday, leaving Ace Cafe at 10.30am :doug Anyone going already or fancy meeting up, at Cafe or Brighton... PM me Might be last good weekend before winter...Boo