1. redratbike

    Redratbike modded collector

    Hi guys I have a modded collector here ready to go Please message me on here
  2. L

    Ti Can, link pipe, headers, screen, dual mod collector + others

    Quill Ti (ludicrously light) can (no dents, minor scratches only) + fat link pipe £130 posted. Forza Aprilia FR200 eprom, 2 maps - £35 posted Gabbro F255 eprom, 2 maps. (for dual mod collector and open can - new un-opened) £45 posted Dual mod collector (oh yes.....) £130 posted Pair of...
  3. 8

    falco collector question

    hi all ive just ordered some sl falco headers and collector for the twin conversion. what im wondering is will a set of 2004 rsv end cans fit the collector as there are some for sale very cheap just down the road from me and im liking the look of them any help greatly appreciated
  4. 8

    twin collector on 99 rsv

    HI I'm after a little help with twin exhaust on My 99 rsv what i would like to know is would a twin collector pipe from a 2004 rsv fit my 99 rsv any help and advise would be great thanks ben
  5. P

    Want To Buy Exhaust collector for 2003 mille

    Hi All, I have just bought my 1st mille, a 2003 model, and want to convert it to twin pipes. I have searched through the forum and found that I either need a specific kit that someone is getting rid of, or a collector from a 2000-2003 Falco. If anybody has either of these, or knows where I can...
  6. andirsv

    Modded collector 98-00 model

    Please see link guys..... Cheers Modded collector! - RSVR.NET Forums
  7. J

    Modded collector , k&n filter, Ohlins forks

    Hi all got a few bits to sell All parts are located in west sussex if anyone would like to collect but all prices include shipping Dual modded RP collector £135 delivered I have a chip which i will send to whoever has the collector, not sure on a make etc but it was in the ecu + was run with...
  8. gregorious77

    Modded Collector, Race Can and Double bubble screen

    All prices are for collection. Postage would be extra at cost. Modded collector £120 Carbon Can Co twin outlet stainless steel oval can with removable baffles and link pipe £60 F.Fabbri double bubble matt smoked screen £30
  9. G

    Want To Buy 2003 modded collector

    Anybody selling or know where I can get my hands on a modded collector. Got a Power Comander 3 to go on, while doing a custom map, but want the collector first. Cheers :thumbup
  10. gregorious77

    Modded collector

    As title. Modded collector for sale. fits 01-03. Sensible offers considered!
  11. w00dzy

    For sale dual modded collector

    I am looking for £120 in exchange for your standard collector :thumbup
  12. redratbike

    Want To Buy Cheap / free gen2 collector

    Gents, I have an idea on modding a gen2 collector ..but need one to play with..quite happy to supply it back for you to try on your bike
  13. w00dzy

    Spotted on ebay, modded collector.. not mine..
  14. gregorious77

    Collector mod

    Just fitted the one I knocked up at work. See what its like tomorrow morning on the way to work!!
  15. D

    Rear subframe, undertray, carbon hanger, standard collector, mudguard and hugger

    Have a few various bits kicking around after the jester conversion. You all know what its worth so im open to sensible offers on anything, just want shot of it all really. Thought it only fair to give all you guys first refusal on anything, after 2 weeks anything left will go on ebay. Will...
  16. a15cro

    Modified Collector for sale

    Selling my modified collector pipe. Make fantastic improvements to mid range - just have a search on here to see what the benefits are. Can supply a pic if required. Looking for around £120
  17. N

    Exhaust middle collector

    I've recently found that the "middle collector" on my 2004 RSV is seriously cracked (through the twisty~snakey rear pipe) and needs replacing. I'm finding that the 2006/07 collector is significantly cheaper than the 2004/05 part. But could they be that much different - after all the engine and...
  18. redratbike

    redratbike modded collector

    Guys, i've managed to delete all my personal messages , there was a couple of you wanting a modded collector can you please get in touch via a personal message many thanks Mark:thumbup
  19. Deacs

    Want To Buy GENII (Factory) exhaust collector

    anyone have one knocking about? mine has a fracture on the inside loop seam