1. Rinaldo

    Engine died; codes 50; 40; P31, EFI

    Dear fellows I would like to asks your expertise about one problem which occurred exactly after 600+ km trip 1,5 km before home (lucky me). The bike is RSV 1000 factory 2009. This is the first time something happens with my Aprilia bikes during 5 years. Engine just died at once in city...
  2. C

    EFI light 😭

    Hi guys I have a rsv mille r 2004 When riding once passed 3k revs the efi light comes on , however it doesn’t seem to cause Any issues , once the Rev go below 3k the light disappear I have checked all the wiring , and connectors and everything seem ok .also I have been looking for the two...
  3. L

    EFI flashing (diag 35)

    Hello all I'm having a issue with my Rsv mille 02. Just took her out and noticed some backfiring and boggy low end (followed by the EFI on dash flashing. I have got the diagnostic code 35 but am struggling to see what this could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. B

    EFI and sluggish running

    Hi guys, I have a 2004 and the EFI light came on and bike runs extremely sluggish, it acts as if there isn’t any power. It’s rideable but barely. I put it into diagnostic mode and it just reads 0. Any suggestions or ways I can determine the cause. I was thinking injection issues but really...
  5. E

    RSVR 2005 - Error Code en EFI Sign

    Hello, I started my 2005 RSV-R. But the Battery was too low. Then I reloaded the battery and started again. The Bike starts good but now I have the following Error code P99 P44 11 anybody help ? Thanks !
  6. P

    EFI and Red warning triangle coming on at high RPMs. Help

    Any help would help fellas. So I have a 08 RSV 1000R the bike has no codes as I have checked. The issue I'm having is the EFI and red triangle warning light comes on when riding hard and The RPMs are high. As I slow down and shift the light goes away eveytime.. the oil level is good, coolant is...
  7. O

    EFI warning at high revs only.

    Ok, bit of a weird one here. The bike runs fine untill it's revved hard from about 7k rpm and above then the efi warning light comes on, no real lose of power at all. Then as the revs fall past 5-6k rpm the warning light goes out again, all seems fine untill you stop then it struggles to idle...
  8. serenity41

    Non starting Haga Rep - EFI warning diagnosis.

    Morning all. Seeking a little help. Recently bought a 2002 Haga rep and after getting it through MOT without difficulty suffering starting issues. Rode it to gas up but after filling up bike not keen to fire, but did so after a few attempts. After getting it home not starting at all and...
  9. P


    Hi can anyone assist, 2001 Mille, starts and runs fine, when standing idling no probs, however when riding going up and down revs, gears etc FFI will flash on the display for a short time then goes back to temp, then EFI returns, this keeps alternating between the two, does not seem to affect...
  10. O

    Red warning triangle amd EFI on dashbord.

    As the title says i have the red warning light on and EFI on dashbord. The fault started when i was riding slowly both came on and now stay on all the time. The thing is there is no performance difference. Only thing i have done in the last week is change Stator and rectifier but fault has not...
  11. T

    Baffling EFI message

    Dealer not sure of the cause, anyone got any ideas? 2004 RSVR Took the bike for MOT recently and on the way the EFI warning message came on intermittently. Rode to Brands the next day and the warning came on whenever a consistent speed was maintained but went off if I slightly...
  12. B

    RSVR 2006 fuses blown, error codes 45 & 50, EFI light

    Hi all, i have had as good a read as I can within the forum, however I'm yet to stumble across someone else having the same problem as myself. I have a 2006 RSV1000R with 25000 kms. A couple of weeks ago i figured out that the cause of my EFI warning light and failure to start was a blocked...
  13. V

    EFI code 0

    so this is the same problem I posted about earlier, but I thought if I put the code in the title, someone might know something. I'm getting EFI code 0 and the red warning triangle on my dash. all the lights come on, then turn off, except oil pressure, headlights are bright, battery is charged...
  14. P


    hello ,, just joined today . ive got a 2008 mille factory R . the bike runs perfect , but sometimes at low revs or tik over , its showing a red warning triangle & the letters EFI. can some one please explain what the problem would be ? thanks
  15. P

    Replacing Fuel Pump

    Alright guys I need some help! I just got my new fuel pump in the mail yesterday and it's time to swap it out! Also we have a company bike ride tomorrow and the bikes not going to be up and running til i get done swappin her out! My question to you all is do i have to completely empty the fuel...
  16. leenineplus

    EFI red warning symbol

    Hi people This last few weeks the efi light and the warning symbol comes on at ticking over and when waiting at traffic lights or a junction. When you then accelerate it goes off. Any thoughts please? It does not affect performance. I did an oil and filter change yesterday and it did it...
  17. A

    Gen 2 RSV "EFI" warning

    I had a long 160 mile ride today in really good weather. I had a slight issue though, which may have been my fault. I have searched for an answer to my question but to no avail. What happened was that I had a "spirited" ride for about 20 miles. I stopped to wait for the Mrs and the engine was...
  18. A

    efi light

    Hi can anyone help I have an 05 rave I changed the oil on it and give it a good clean and no the efi light has come on can anyone help
  19. R

    the dreaded red triange and efi light

    hi guy very new to aprilia rsvr so here goes bought mine about two weeks ago from a guy in nottingham his mate had dropped about a year and nine months ago and wanted to get rid of it he advertised it on ebay and i made an offer odf two grand and his mate said yes so i picked it up it needed...
  20. M

    EFI warning flashing

    On my 98 RSV Milli. The EFI warning on the dash comes on now and then when riding, what does this warn of. Bike runs fine, never done this before. Did remove and replace top fairing couple days ago, did unplug dash block connector and replug (was thinking of wiring aftermarket gear indicator)...