1. J

    2004 RSV1000R Factory Race/Track Bike

    Hi all I'm thinking of selling my track bike, just punting it out seeing if there's any interest Its a proper piece of kit. The list of extras is enormous, i'd probably get more splitting it but I haven't got the time. Here's a basic list. Bike: Woodcraft clip ons Mattise steering damper...
  2. B

    2008 RSV Factory unsteady idle

    The bike has had a consistant idle and was a pleasure at stop lights. yesterday the idle falters after a while and then the engine cuts. I have checked for faults on diagnostic and all is clear. I find not leaks on the vacuum piping and bike starts well. The battery charges at 12,5V. the bike...
  3. Clinton

    RSV 1000R Factory

    Hi Guys I am new to the group and have always had a love for the Italian Ladies :inlove I owned a Ducati 748 Biposta before I bought the Aprilia in April this year. But my love was short lived when only after about 250km the gearbox packed up. (Busy with a CPA Claim against Dyna by Quint, the...
  4. D

    2004 RSVR Factory stopped running and rev counter stuck on 9000rpm

    Hi All, I'm new to the community and proudly own a 2004 RSVR Factory, 2002 Mille R and I'm in the middle of restoring a 1996 RS250 Biaggi replica. I'm having an issue with the 2004 RSV factory and wonder if any of you experts can help. It's been of the road for 1 year and battery ran flat...
  5. richmond rossi

    I’m back, after coming off my Factory R few years ago šŸ˜–

    Good evening all, not been for a while, came off my bike in approximately 2015 and never bothered much with bikes for a while. Then I got myself a little Triumph Street Triple to ease myself back in which was OK, but after a recent trip to the Isle of Man TT and getting overtaken on the mountain...
  6. W

    2005 rsv factory

    Hi everybody just bought a 2005 rsv factory when i start it up after a few seconds i get a burning smell and smoke coming from under tank anybody know if this is serious thanks
  7. Alien 1

    For Sale, 06 RSV Factory

    Hi Guys, I'm selling my 06 Factory, Black and Grey with the Gold frame It's MOT runs out on the 16th May. It's standard in engine and bodywork wise but I have replaced the standard exhausts with 2 carbon SP Engineering cans, sounds beautiful. she also has aftermarket levers. I still...
  8. T

    Factory Titanium Can for Mille R

    Hey, everyone. I recently sold our 01 Mille R (through AF-1). I took off the titanium Aprilia can and put the stocker back on before I sold it. No one bid on the can on eBay ($30 plus shipping). I have the EPROM chip Bhutan broke off one prong while removing it from the board so you will...
  9. F

    2010 RSV4 Factory - best quickshift kit

    Hello guys. Just bought a 2010 RSV4 Factory and wondering which quickshift kit is recommended by you guys. Thanks in advance.
  10. Alien 1

    RSV Factory 06 fairing fasteners

    Hi guys, I was cleaning up some of the fairing fasteners today and came across some right barstewards when trying to undo, namely those under the belly pan, there were 2 others that had basically seized and these are the 2 central of the lower fairing panel, behind the panel they...
  11. S

    Want To Buy Rsv4 factory 2013 pillion seat

    Just wondered if anyone has a pillion seat for sale. I'm guessing it's a long shot Thanks. Steve
  12. S

    Just picked up my Rsv4 factory

    Hi guys, I've just picked up my new bike and love it. What a great bike.
  13. D

    Ohlins shock from 2005 mele factory

    Came of my 2005 factory done 9500 miles, bought a Maxton no longer needed. Ā£280 posted. Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  14. Tash

    Gen 2_RSV Factory project/ spares

    2006 Aprilia RSV factory project Frame with clear v5 11000 mile engine Swingarm Wiring harness Exhaust headers Subframe Oil tank and cooler Plus loads of other bits and pieces, looking for Ā£700. Cheers Mark
  15. T

    New Factory owner

    Hi, Quick hello, new to aprilia but, 30 years a biker. My new exotic Italian adventure begins.
  16. L

    rsv1000r factory wheels

    Hi could someone give me a link to an image of oz light weight wheels markings , looking to buy one along way from me and dont wish to waste my time or theirs They kindly gave me the following numbers from the v5 rsv my06 when i looked this up their surpose to be gold wheels this is an 07 bike...
  17. L

    tuono factory wanted

    hi all, im new to this site but not new to the aprilia, i recently sold my tuono r gen 2 and im gutted, so im looking for a tuono factory gen 2 with the gold wheels. must be low mileage and very well maintained, thanks in advance.
  18. VtwinFTW

    2005 Aprilia RSV1000R Factory

    2005 Aprilia RSV1000R Factory LOCATION - WARRENTON, VA $$6700 obo -- PM me for offers or text 540-717-2320 CASH ONLY TEST RIDES WITH CASH IN HAND ONLY AND MUST HAVE "M2" ENDORSEMENT ON DRIVER'S LICENSE 11,656 miles (will increase until bike sells) 997cc Rotax V-Twin Engine Arrow race...
  19. Y

    2007 Aprilia RSV 1000 R Sub-Frame Swap

    Hello Everyone. I am a new owner of an Aprilia. And oh my do I love the torque. Beautiful bikes, but I have started a new project! It is an 2007 Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory, has 12,088km very clean bike. Now I am doing a sub-frame swap to a 2015 Ducati 1199. I absolutely love the love of the...
  20. A

    Anyone selling a Factory RSV 06 onwards?

    Hi, unfortunately the recent purchase set up for an 07 Factory RSV didn't happen. So, I have money waiting if anyone is thinking of selling. I'm looking for a Factory 06 facelift model onwards. I'm happy to pay a little extra for a really good example, clean, tidy, serviced and looked after. I'm...