1. B

    fitting projector headlight into race fairing

    I'm after fitting a single projector headlight to my RSV race fairing, like the one on the NSR500 highlighted below, the projector light unit is recessed (french'd) into the fairing sorry about the pic but I think it is just visible. The owner of this bike is in the States at the mo so I can't...
  2. Italian twin

    Loose oil filter fitting

    Hello guys. After doing an oil and fliter change on my 02 Mille I was slightly conserned how the new filter went in. I have replaced with an K&N - 152 (short style filter) The push fit wasnt very reassuring and it just sort of sat there loose. Before putting the cover back on it was very easy to...
  3. T

    Hooked airbox fitting

    Hi guys would anyone be able to tell me the fitting used to route the breather through the hooked airbox plate and for a breather filter in it. It looks like it similar to a self seal breather take off (picture below)but needs to be a male male connection to fit pipe either side. I have a...
  4. J

    RSV Mille fuel tank fitting to RSVR factory?

    Hi! Does anyone know will Aprilia RSV Mille ( year 2005) fuel tank fit streight to year 2008 Aprilia RSVR factory? I think it will fit. :jack Plan is to buy other fairings and fuel tank for track days..
  5. B

    My fitting of Sigma Slipper Clutch Gen 1 RSVR if anyones interested

    Quick vid of fitting a Sigma Slipper Clutch on a Gen1 RSVR all comments welcome All seems to work fine tho not had it on track yet to see what it's like under hard riding conditions, fingers crossed. Thanks to all I asked for help before fitting. Not a daunting job at all...
  6. John Boy

    Has anyone tried fitting a 200/55 rear tire on a Mille R?

    I just got me a smoking deal on a pair of Pirelli Super Corsa SPs, but I'm not so sure if the 200/55 rear tire I got would fit on my 2002 Mille R. Has anyone tried it? I currently have Dunlop GPs 190/55 on the rear and there's very little clearance between it and the chain.
  7. B

    Fitting a Brembo RCS 19 on the RSVR

    Little vid of mine to show it's not a tricky job at all :thumbup
  8. voledangler

    Ventura L brackets, fitting instructions for 2007 RSV

    Morning all, I have just been lucky enough to score a Ventura luggage system for my 2007 RSV, however it seems that there is one minor fly in the ointment, and that is the fact that I have no fitting instructions, and my initial trawl of the internet has proved fruitless, even Ventura themselves...
  9. A

    Austin Racing exhaust fitting

    Anyone have any problems fitting an Austin Racing GPR2 slip on, the austin down pipe is bigger dis than the OEM pipe at the end of the bellypan, thought it should fit into this but fits over i, any ideas?
  10. S

    Side. Panels not fitting

    Right got the bike back and now after replacing the metal tank with a plastic one the sides do not fit ! The bike is a gen 1 do i need the get 2 mesh side covers? Jason
  11. kavay222

    hm quckshifter fitting

    has any one fitted or got installation instruction for the gear lever version qs? hope some one can help
  12. D

    Fitting US sidestand

    Hi All I'm probably just being thick, but I have just tried to fit a US sidestand and the bracket is different! Mine (an Australian model, but I think the same as UK/Eur) has two bolt holes whereas the US bracket has three. It looks like the lower engine mount bolt would fit but I can't see...
  13. TJCorsa

    Fitting HT Leads into Coil Packs

    Hey guys, I have just purchased a new set of HT Leads from Magnecor for my '02 RSV. Gone to fit them this morning and have found that there are no connectors on the coil end of the leads. When removing the originals it appeared that they had no brass connectors which hold them in the coil...
  14. andirsv

    Regulator fitting advice......

    Guys, I'm after some advice here...... I have started the fitting of the new r&r and have the furukawa connections all crimped and soldered and ready to fit to the bike, but..... I am after some advice on the existing wiring connections... Basically, I have the two connectors fitted to the...
  15. skippy

    mobile tyre fitting

    Hi all Does anyone know of a mobile tyre fitting service that covers Herts Appreciate any help cheers
  16. andirsv

    When fitting a gear indicator.....

    Is it safe to just remove the plug at the rear of the clocks or should the battery be disconnected?? Cheers Andi
  17. D

    Fitting a engine

    Hi all,will be fitting another engine in the next couple of days and was wondering if there are any pit fails that i will need to avoid.The bike is a 05 model,it's a straight swap no clutch or any other parts to exchange.(trackdays why do we do them) The engine that is coming out still...
  18. R

    Clutch mpl slave fitting

    Help needed chaps Fitting a new mpl clutch slave to 01 rsvr. I've read all the previous threads (I think) and have fitted the slave, I bought a bleeder and revearse bled from the nipple loads of times. (forced fluid in from the slave) Still the lever comes to the bar with no bite. Tried the...
  19. A

    Ventura Fitting Instructions

    Hi Guys I just bought a Ventura rack and L Brackets for my Gen 2 RSV Factory (From ebay) I can work out the basics of fitting it from the video but it says read the instructions carefully (which I don't have). Just so I don't miss anything, has anybody got a copy of the instructions for the Gen...
  20. S

    Stripped thread fitting a new oil jet 40 to an 05 RSVR

    Hi all, got myself a bit of a problem. when fitting a new jet 40 to get rid of my inability to select nuetral on my 05 RSV R, we over tightened the cover bolt and stripped the thread out from the casing, think it's the crank case?? now the cover bolt doesn't tighten up properly and oil is...