1. redratbike

    colin edwards replica gen1 rsvr £4250

    colin edwards replica £4250 - RSVR.NET Forums
  2. redratbike

    brand new gen1 panels

    brand new panels some very small storage marks that are hard to see sensible offers
  3. C

    eBay Auction gen1 bits on ebay

    someone i know is selling a load of gen1 bits (& a gen2 ignition rotor) +clicky+ have a look through the other items for sale for the rest
  4. P

    Gen1 twin exhaust

    Hi all, I have for sale a set of Falco headers commonly used to convert gen1 miles to twin systems. I bought them to convert mine but have since fallen in love with the sound of my danmoto gp! :thumbup I am interested in having the mod done to my standard headers :devious
  5. A

    Gen1: MPL Slave, Renntec Grab Rail, Screen, ABBA Adapters, Solenoid

    Sold my RSV in the summer and having a clear out in the garage. All prices include postage to UK only: MPL Slave - Silver used for a couple of years. Looks like new, nice piece of kit. £50 Renntec pillion grab rail - This fitted my bike year 2000 (X reg). Few marks and scratches from being...
  6. Rott71

    Breaking Gen1 RSVR

    Most parts available, Arrow 2 into 1 slip on, aluminium and stainless (saves about 250kg ish over std::thumbup). Fairings painted black. Other than that wheels are being stripped (sprayed black) and new SKF bearings fitted, available soon. Good condition yellow tank also available..Contact...
  7. redratbike

    Want To Buy Gen1 tuono rear light..2003 rsv rear light

    So need one for the old Mille as I'm fitting the later seat unit Anyone got one? Same shape as this...thanks
  8. Stevex11sdw

    Want To Buy Gen1 00-03 oil tank wanted in good condition please

    Cracked weld on nice stainless one removing so need a replacement please. Pm me details ... Steve
  9. redratbike

    Gen1 akrapovic headers and links pipes

    akrapovic gen 1 headers and link pipes - RSVR.NET Forums Please follow the link ( being lazy) Thanks
  10. Philly46

    Aprilia RSV Gen1 Leo Vince 2-2 Exhaust

    Well here's the best and rarest piece of my 2003 RSV, slight scuff on the left hand exhaust as shown in the picture. Going for £600 or nearest offer.
  11. P

    Blueflame Evo Gen1 mille

    Blueflame Evo dual port can for gen1 mille 98-03 or tuono 02-05. Average condition,comes with link pipe,clamp and springs, sounds great. Has 2 removable baffles so you can tailor how loud you want it, its road legal with baffles in. Has few age related scratches but nothing major, no dents or...
  12. B

    Aragon May 2014 on my Gen1 RSVR
  13. C

    Want To Buy gen1 rsvr top yoke

    i need to buy or borrow a top yoke from a gen1 rsvr (ohlins forks) i have a machinist standing by to make me a custom top yoke but needs an original one to get measurements from. overall condition not important as will only be used for measuring
  14. S

    Want To Buy 02 gen1 fairings and tank wanted - have light crash damaged ones to trade for track

    Hi guys, Just bought an 02 RSV in the standard matt black, but it has I been in the kitty litter on a track day. There is nothing major, just light scratching etc as had full set of crash bobbins on. I want to make the bike look mint again. Wondered if anyone has a full set of plastics and...
  15. M

    2003 Gen1. Swap red tank for black tank.

    Hi all I would like to swap my red petrol tank for a black one. I would prefer a satin/matt black but gloss would be ok. My tank is 99% perfect, I would want the same back. Anyone interested in a swap ? Cheers, Nick.
  16. J

    Want To Buy Gen1 Carbon Fiber chain guard

    Hi guys if see one or are selling one please let me know
  17. O

    Want To Buy Gen1 clock mounting bracket / front nose cone fairing stay

    Hi Looking for one of the above to fit to my Gen1 Mille. Needs to be 100% straight for a perfect fit :devious PM me if you've got one for sale Cheers Oscar
  18. CRAZY LEG5

    gen1 carbon numberplate bracket

    for sale gen1 carbon numberplate bracket good condition £15 plus postage
  19. S

    gen 2 rear end - ideal for updating the gen1

    im looking at fitting an RSV4 seat unit and subframe on my gen 2 so the gen 2 rsvr bits are up for sale Rear subframe complete seat unit with lights and indicators Seat Hump Riders seat undertray for battery etc. . .
  20. I

    Gen2 Gen1 frame swap?

    I've searched the forum and cant find this info, its really a question about engine mounting points, will the motors swap from frame to frame i.e. will the Gen1 motor fit the gen2 chassis and vice versa, I know there are differences in ancillaries, its just the mounting points I'm interested in...