1. Rob

    Hi Guys any know probs with indicators ?

    Just wondering has anyone had a problem with there indicators flashing on there own when riding the bike quite hard ? its always the left one on my 07 RSVR, cant reproduce it on the stand, was thinking either switch or relay !!!! bike is under warranty, just dont want the hassle of taking it...
  2. richtee0

    hi guys

    hi i'm your latest newbie. can be seen out and about around nothampton. also new to the world of v twins as well.
  3. stefano

    Hello guys

    Hello guys. This is my first posting and here's a picture of my lastest toy. She's my first V-twin, having ridden shafties all my riding career, and she is a scream.
  4. Rob

    Hi Guys or Girls (rideouts ?)

    Been on this site for a while now, but havent really added much ! Just wondered if there are many of you in the Kent area who go on rideouts ? I live in Tonbridge area. Would be good to meet up at some point with other RSV's for a thrash... Rob
  5. heroblob

    Great guys at TAZ

    Just thought the guys at Taz required a mention and a big thanks. Had the 1st service done and a couple of warranty jobs and they were fantastic. i have dealt with alot of dealers in my time, car and bike, and worked in the industry for 6 years, and some very bad experiences with most if not...
  6. C

    guys, two questions....slipper clutches and evo/mpl slave

    slipper clutches, I fancy the evo one for track and road, does anyone have any experiences of riding with a full slipper clutch, how will I have to change my riding techniques?, will riding in all weathers F@@ck it up?, is it similar to using a slip clutch on a IL4?, does a quick shifter work...
  7. gyges_1

    Newbie...hey I think I've seen you guys somewhere? Where have I seen you guys before :confused: Glad to see yet another Aprilia dedicated forum for us folk to goof off... Bike pic posted in that forum!