1. H

    2003 RSV Mille - South Africa - Head Light

    Hi Guys, I've got a 2003 RSV Mille and want a “untainted” headlight. Part No: AP8124945 Does anyone know of one?
  2. S

    Steering head bearing no's

    Can anyone assist and give me the RSV R Factory 2004 bearing part numbers not Aprilia part numbers. Thanks in advance.
  3. badapple

    steering head bearings

    Advice needed please. I have noticed on the last few times out when I pull away from a standstill I can feel a bit of movement in the bars that I haven't ever felt before. I'm assuming this is the head bearings although I'm not sure. Can anyone confirm what I think or what it might be and is it...
  4. S

    Want To Buy RSV Factory Lion head decals

    Hi Im looking for a similar decals as on factory versions of RSV Gen2 a big Lion head.
  5. B

    Want To Buy Head lamp

  6. R

    Head race bearings...again ...runny grease !!

    Changed the bearings the other day they were well gone , went out for a couple hours blast after and got home to see fluid all down the left side ?? Thought I had a coolant leak but have come to the cunclusion it was all the grease i shoved on the new bearings that melted . I only put multi...
  7. V

    head light adjust

    So i used my bike at night time yesterday for the first time. And noticed that the headlamp aim goes straight up looked like the bat signal lol. so tried adjusting it today Manuel says just turn the screw but to get the screw i had to the nose cone off which was a nightmare. adjusted it quite...
  8. E

    Cylinder head valve shim size

    Hi quick question does any body know the size of the valve shims ( diameter wise ) been offered some KTM ones 9mm thanks eddie
  9. T

    Small vlave/big valve head swap ?

    Right, so just following the logical route to a conclusion here really, and with a view to understanding the possibilities and potential of mods......( I read posts a while back of gen2 heads on gen1 engines...soundz painful ! ) 1) - Can the bigger valve heads be supplanted to the early small...
  10. M

    Want To Buy fly wheel retaining bolt 14mm x head

    hi all looking for fly wheel retaining bolt 14mm x head if you have one call text 07847490156 thanks....
  11. M

    Want To Buy fly wheel retaining bolt 14mm x head

    hi all loo king for fly wheel retaining bolt 14mm x head if you have one call text 07847490156 thanks....
  12. searsy

    My RSV Factory pokes it head out of the garage for the 1st time

    My RSV Factory, bought of a 'yob with too much money & not enough sense' :kicknuts in November, been sat in my garage ever since (apart from a very expensive service/geometry check) waiting for March 1st for the SORN is lifted so I can get it out for its 1st blast :bwtiller Will be changing the...
  13. B

    Want To Buy 2002 head light

    Has any one got a mint 2002 head light with no marks for sale? Cheers
  14. B

    Head stock bearings?

    Hi, has anyone fitted pyramid (make) tapper head stock bearings? did they fit ok? only I read somewhere the some of these aftermarket bearings didn't fit well and can't remember what make they were Thanks
  15. BB1000

    head lamps ffs

    why are they so crap.. ..I got what looks like splits in both head lamps.. .. not a cheap part to replace either ffs
  16. floakey

    Head bearings

    Had the bike for the dreaded mot today , Had a couple of advisories and one was the steering a bit notchy. Now of course I'm curious so had a check myself and the only thing i felt was a bit of resistance on full left lock but not really notchy . What has anybody elses felt like when ' notchy '...
  17. D

    Head Bearings and Seals 98-00 Mille

    Brand new set of head bearings and seals for 99 Mille. May fit other models. £20+postage.
  18. sparkymarky_

    Head stock bearings

    Could someone tell me the outside diameter of the outer race case thanks all
  19. Rod R

    Want To Buy 2004 RSV 1000R head light

    Need left hand head light (from sitting on the bike) as mine has a stone hole in it !
  20. badgermilk

    Steering Head Bearings Problem

    I need help please folks. I replaced my steering head bearings last year for some Koyo tapered rollers part number 32907 JR3 from Marksman Industrial. Ever since they haven’t been right (the steering was either too stiff or too slack). :confused So I decided to remove them again and replace...