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    need front face/nose fairing for rsv milie 1000 2001 model in black, or carbon

    as the subject box says... mines looking a little tired i need a newer one... in black, black and red or carbon.... 07590804464
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    rsv mille

    hey guys this is also my first post and i really need help to get this bike started. i bought the 2002 rsv mille about 6 months ago, i simply love it, but one day gettin ready to ride it and it just wouldn't start. the battery was fine but i was hearing a ticking noise from one of the relay...
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    My Milie

    Hi guys new to this site ...hope I have put on a picture of my 00 Milie..Just done 2500 mile on her and not finished.
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    whats the difference between milie and rsvr

    ive got a 2002 rsv milie whats the difference between mine and an rsvr i dont know its my first big aprilia cheers john photos would help.
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    Want To Buy Aprilia RSV 08 Milie Black Seat

    Hi all I am looking for a black front seat for my 08 Milie, I have a red one for sale or swap for a black one. Thanks! Big Kev! :doug