1. Berry67

    rearbreak RSV MILLE R 2000

    My rear break dont work on the RSV MILE R.:exclamation I read in this forum that this is a common problem. Also i saw that it can be replaced with the break of the ducati 1098 to solve this problem. Is that correct an is the rear break than oke? If that is so i wil replace it. Enyone experiance...
  2. 2

    2000 Aprilia RSV mille starting issues

    Hi everyone I'm new here, and am glad to be here. First I would like to say I am a proud new owner of a 2000 RSV Millie. I haven't had a chance to ride her yet because of the issue I am having. My issue is that the back or will not turn over. You can hear the starter and the solenoid engaging...

    2002 Aprilia Mille R track/street many upgrades!! SOCAL

    PRICE: $4,500 with a fresh prep. MILEAGE: 16.3k LOCATION: Orange county California USA Can arrange delivery to outlying areas. Trying to buy a home so need to pad the bank account a little more so one of the bikes needs to go. Unfortunately the Ape pulled the short straw. Bought this bike out...
  4. J

    Aprilia RSV Mille R in Excellent Condition For Sale

    Hi, It is with a heavy heart that I now have my RSV Mille R up for sale as I'm just too old for the riding position, I have listed it on the Car & Classic website below, it is a beautiful bike with all recommended mods, Regards, John.
  5. R

    01 rsv mille

    I’ve recently acquired this beautiful bike and can not seem to figure out why it won’t turn over. Efi will flash once in awhile. When it doesn’t flash (after the original 3 secs) “cold” flashes. Checked the the fuses and such. They seem good. When efi flashes I do not see a code. Do I need to...
  6. H

    2003 RSV Mille - South Africa - Head Light

    Hi Guys, I've got a 2003 RSV Mille and want a “untainted” headlight. Part No: AP8124945 Does anyone know of one?
  7. R

    Rsv 1000 mille motor.

    Located in Sarasota. Make an offer. Has wiring harnesses, less throttle body and oil drain plug is missing. Make offer.
  8. J

    Custom ‘02 RSV Mille Race Bike

    Custom 2002 Aprilia RSV Mille for sale. 18k miles. Current CA registration. $4,500 obo. Bike is located in Goleta, CA. Custom race fiberglass has endurance style headlight and taillight. Clean and stored indoors it's whole life. I’m having a hard time uploading photos here from my phone, but...
  9. M

    Wanted Gen 1 2003 RSV Mille R

    RSV Mille R 2003 Gen 1 (black frame) must be low miles/owners service history and in excellent condition, will travel to locate right bike.Must be MINT.
  10. P

    Did the 2001 Mille come unrestricted?

    Did the '01 Mille come unrestricted? I am asking because I checked the exhaust and there is no restrictor nor is there any indication that one was removed. Also, there is no restrictor in the air intake as well. I am trying to follow the directions given by R. Hulcher on 11/22/99, however the...
  11. A

    Revision kit, idle gear, double gear 2003 Mille

    Hello, looking for a revision kit, idle gear, double gear. My sprag and other components need to be replaced. Any ideas? AF1 Racing says the gears have been abolished. I can probably find the revision kit for the starter but from Europe. Thanks, Alibi
  12. B

    99 RSV Mille spares/repairs

    Selling due to non use, Brought the bike a year ago to use as track bike used a handful of times & stored went to fire up one day and the fuel pump packed in so will need a new one to run again. Tyres have plenty life, brakes, all electricals work. Exhaust system alone was £450 Previous owner...
  13. B

    Aprilia RSV Mille 2001 Race/Track day fairing for sale.

    I have a new fairing that I bought for an RSV Mille 2001 track bike but never fitted it. I’ve now sold the bike and therefore have no use for the panels. There is a nose cone 2 side fairing panels a belly pan and a tail/seat unit, so 5 items in total. They cost £365 to buy from Race Products and...
  14. P

    RSV 1000 Mille 2003

    Hi , I'm new on this forum. Thankfull to join this community. I already own a V4 rf 2016 and wanted to add a RSV 1000 V2 Mille. I just bought a black RSV 1000 2003 ( ZD4RPO120 ) in good condition , bike is not delivered yet to me on it's way fm transport. I've been reading specs for 2003...
  15. M

    Aprilia mille how to videos

    I ended this mini series and have started work on a new aprilia and wanted to put these videos in a post with all the links to the youtube videos below. If you have a mille i hope these videos help someone i took alot of time to do these and want to help people that cant afford taking there bike...
  16. B

    Non starting Mille

    I brought an Rsv Mille 99 was stored for abit then running fine took it out one morning completely fine got all me gear on to go out on the night & just stopped priming fuel & wont fire, i changed oil plugs battery etc, Cleaned fuel tank & pump. Tipover sensor was bodged so i brought a new one &...
  17. T

    RSV Mille leaking gas baddly

    So my 2001 aprilia rsv mille with 36tkm under its belt started leaking gas. Badly. I'm no mechanic but I took off some fairings and found out the gas pours out from a tube near my crotch. It poured out maybe 4 liters after i filled the tank and then stopped all good. *couldn't upload pictures...
  18. A

    Aprilia RSV mille gen 1 1999 fuel leakage from vent hose

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum and sadly the it has to be for an issue. I just bought a black/silver Mille 1999 as fancied fancied a change from the inline 4 hum of my cbr600 and the ape seemed to be a good choice, especially given the low prices here. I bought the bike privately...
  19. M

    New user On here Doing Mille videos on Youtube

    I had a friend turn me onto this forum because he saw one of my youtube videos on the mille im doing. The layout is a little better than other forums i noticed right after i logged in. Anyways wanted to say hi and if anyone has a mille please check my videos out below and if you want to comment...
  20. E

    Ending race project Mille - parts for sale

    I´m done racing the Mille and I´m putting it back into it´s original shape. I´m selling the parts. Will send pictures on demand! Please note that prices do not include shipping (parts are in Portugal) Will be glad to reduce prices if you want to group items. (posted elsewhere in other...