1. D

    Wing mirrors

    Hi all, Has anyone found a decent replacement for the ornaments that pass for wing mirrors on the Gen 2 RSV? It looks like gsxr k8 mirrors will not right on and they have longer arms. Cheers Ian Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  2. S

    2016 mirrors on 2012 factory

    Huge improvement. Better position. Better look. More adjustability. Better blinker. Rider facing led blinker indicator. $200 each from the dealer. Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  3. G

    remove indicators and mirrors

    How do I remove indicators,mirrors and put indicators in to light housing
  4. T


    Hi, just found my mirror on my gen 2 rsvr has been broken by someone:angry. It's the mounting piece at the base, and would like to ask if just this piece can be bought without having to buy the complete mirror. Thanks
  5. V

    Useless mirrors. block off plates with indicators?

    So my mirrors helpfully only show me my handsome elbows while I'm riding. I'm trying to track down some block off plates that still function as turn signals. Maybe some chunks of aluminum with LEDs embedded. So far no luck. Does anyone know if these exist?
  6. C

    Rsv mirrors

    Guys have a gen 2... Rsv millie 2002 plate.... Been on flee bay for indicator mirrors... Has anyone fitted or recommend what to obtain... Take it rsv 2004+ don't fit cause fitting is different? Any suggestions much appreciated? ;)
  7. S

    Want To Buy RSV Mille R 04 mirrors

    Hi Im looking for mirrors for my RSVr 04
  8. T

    Wing mirrors

    Picked up my rsv today.. What a beast! However, I can see nothing but the floor by my back wheels out of the wing mirrors and they don't move around much, anyone have any ideas?
  9. R

    Extended mirrors

    Does anyone know where I can get the extended mirrors for the Gen 1 RSV? I know that the RS125 mirrors are supposed to fit but I just want to make sure I get the right ones. Thanks Paul
  10. C

    Mirrors with indicators built in?

    Has anyone got decent ones? I would like OEM if possible or just good quality ones, I have a £35 set from eBay on just now as I dropped the bike and needed something quick for the Isle of Man, I would much rather have better ones in the long run
  11. K

    Changed mirrors and now bike won't start

    I changed my mirrors from the stock mirrors to a set off a CBR 1000RR that also have the integrated turn signal on the mirror and they give me a much larger field of vision behind me now. I don't have them set up as running lights, just turn signals. The problem is, now the bike won't start...
  12. V

    Bar end mirrors

    Can anyone tell me what sort of bar end mirrors will fit on the RSV please. Looking at purchasing some took the mirrors off and put on some carbon blanks but need a right mirror just for my peace of mind. cheers
  13. Cirrus

    What mirrors?

    I want to change the mirrors on my 06 Factory as they are worse than useless! I have a slight (and old) neck injury meaning I can't rotate my neck like an owl as I did when I was younger lol. What mirrors fit this bike, keeping the indicators in place, but actually giving me the ability to see...
  14. RSV4Dirk


    I've only put 80 miles on my 2008 RSV, but I know one thing. The mirrors have got to change. I'm pretty anal about looking behind myself. All I get is a lovely view of my elbows at this point. Anybody have a good solution?
  15. 2TROKE

    00-01 mille mirrors upgrade

    I know this has probs been posted so many times before,but has any1 got a quick answer/feedback as my last ride out all can see is my shoulders and wanted to know how much longer the rs125 jobbies are or is it worth buying some aftermarket items???
  16. L

    Mirrors Hole Covers/Caps

    Hi Folks, Do you know were can I get a pair of mirror hole covers/caps? I really don't like to use mirrors! but I don't like the hole that stays in the fairing. Thanks in advance! RSV Mille 02
  17. a15cro

    Mirrors - ARGHHHHH!

    Im so anoyed! Ive been watching a pair of 04 mirrors with indicators for a week now. They have sat at £25 and when I bid with 2 mins left I was winning at £26. Being cautious I upped my bid only to loose them for the sake of £1, yes £1.......arghhhhh! I bid too soon. Congrats if the winning...
  18. RSV_Ecosse

    Anyone fitted 04 mirrors with indicators to an early RSV?

    I've got a pair coming from a seller on eBay, original ones with the indicators intergrated from an 04 RSVR. Now, I'm aware that there are a few different ways to fit these having read some threads over on AF1 but has anyone here done this mod?. Any info or pictures would be very appreciated...
  19. T

    eBay Auction OEM mirrors

  20. T

    OEM RSV 98-03 Pair of mirrors

    As the title suggests. In very good condition. £20 ovno posted. tt