1. T

    regulator rectifier

    hi again does the reg/rectifier need to be grounded to the frame to function or not as i am changing the seat sub frame and need to see where i can put it thanks again
  2. A

    Regulator rectifier wanted

    Hi all. I am needing a regulator rectifier for my rsvr . It's an 03 plate but the 04 model seemingly As you can see in the pics, I need the type with 5 wires into the plug Anyone out there that can help ? Cheers Alan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. C

    I got CHEATED by a local dealer!!!

    Hi Guys, Early January this year I got my self a 04' RSV 1000R Factory as most of you know, not even 2 weeks later it had a electrical charging problem, thus I sent it back to the local dealer... 3 weeks after, the dealer claimed the rectifier had issues and replace the rectifier. Yesterday...
  4. RSV Si

    RSVR 2004 Stator

    Hi Guys, After 18K miles, I've finally joined the "my stator is knackered" club! I have an RSVR 53 plate, which is a 2004 model. I had the symptoms of backfiring when coming off the throttle, followed by a flat battery when I stopped for fuel. After charging the battery over night on my...
  5. S

    Molten Rectifier Wiring.. and stator wire extension loom :-S

    New bike only had it a week... Bike isn't charging, I've done all the tests with a multimeter, I think I know what to do, BUT the wiring is melted on the rectifier (aftermarket Electrex RR97) and I could not find anyone else complaining of this specific issue. Regulator got RED HOT in a matter...
  6. Tash

    Gen 2 Regulator/ rectifier

    I have a regulator/ rectifier from a Gen 2 Tuono, it is in excelent condition and working order. Looking for £70 ono delivered these are £278 new. Cheers Mark
  7. Garvey2003

    rsv regulator rectifier?

    just arived home from the local bike shop. he tested the stator and it seems to be ok, he seems to think its the regulator rectifier. the bike is not charging As this is seems an easy swap out, I thought I woudl source a working one and see if he's right. sorry its one of small garages that has...
  8. ryda

    gen1 rectifier fit gen2?

    justa quick question.. will a rectifier from a gen1 rsv work & fit the gen2? as connections look identical?? thankyou! :biggrin
  9. D

    Problem with Regulator / Rectifier

    Hi everyone, My RSVR 2005 has recently broke down. The problem being that it wasn`t charging the Battery . I have purchased a new battery and had the alternator/ stator re-wound. The next thing i am in the process of is getting a new regulator/ rectifier. Aprilia sell them at a hefty £270, but...
  10. C

    Charging Issues + Rectifier

    Ok guys, there is plenty of help on the forum to resolve the "brown connector" issue. But can anyone provide the correct voltage/charging readings at from the rectifier at tick over, 1000, 2000, 3000 rpm? My problem is that when reving, the voltage drops. At tick over fluke readings at the...
  11. D

    Rectifier 04/Factory

    Looking for a Rectifier/Regulator for an 04 Factory. Does anybody know if an older model Rsv one would work????