1. M

    New member and possibly tomorrow RSV owner. Need advice.

    Hi from Australia. I currently have a GSXR1000 K4 with a lot of fruit on it. it's an awesome scary fast bike. But i race an inline four and feel there is a little soul lacking in the GSXR for a road bike. It is not a commuter. I live in the country. I have always wanted an Aprilia V-twin. I...
  2. V

    2001 RSV 2001- any interest??

    I have a Blue ( quite rare ) 2001 RSV 1000 that I have owned for about 8 year but not rode it in 3 years. It’s is fabulous condition and dream to look at. If I am honest with myself I am unlikely to ride it again and wondered if there were any interested parties in making my an offer ( However...
  3. Tash

    Breaking 01 RSV with some nice aftermarket bits

    Breaking a 2001 RSV, due to a cracked frame. Got the following aftermarket bits fitted Full Leo Vince exhaust system 57mm throttle bodies Evo filter kit (2 weeks old) Arrow steering damper Genuine carbon fibre front mudguard ( 4 weeks old) Carbon ears Carbon fairing infills Carbon rear...
  4. A

    new RSV ohlins steering damper

    AP8123972 Shows to fit 01-09 RSV 1000 I will sell for $400 OBO 6103608817 located in Bethlehem PA
  5. Berry67

    rearbreak RSV MILLE R 2000

    My rear break dont work on the RSV MILE R.:exclamation I read in this forum that this is a common problem. Also i saw that it can be replaced with the break of the ducati 1098 to solve this problem. Is that correct an is the rear break than oke? If that is so i wil replace it. Enyone experiance...
  6. 2

    2000 Aprilia RSV mille starting issues

    Hi everyone I'm new here, and am glad to be here. First I would like to say I am a proud new owner of a 2000 RSV Millie. I haven't had a chance to ride her yet because of the issue I am having. My issue is that the back or will not turn over. You can hear the starter and the solenoid engaging...
  7. J

    Aprilia RSV Mille R in Excellent Condition For Sale

    Hi, It is with a heavy heart that I now have my RSV Mille R up for sale as I'm just too old for the riding position, I have listed it on the Car & Classic website below, it is a beautiful bike with all recommended mods, Regards, John.
  8. A

    RSV Gen 1 parts for big bore

    Hi all, A couple of years ago I collected some parts with the plan to 1060cc big bore my Gen 1, that never happened and I sold the bike. I’m now clearing out the garage and the following parts need to go: 2005 Gen 2 heads with cams (better flow than the Gen 1 heads) 57mm throttle bodies...
  9. L

    no 40 jet for clutch on 2002 rsv r and front end falling over feeling.

    hello to you all... 1st post from me as a new member.. just wondering where i can obtain the no 40 jet for the clutch on my 2002 rsv r millie and has anyone got advice on the front end that feels like its falling over going round bends.. new tyre on front Michelin 2ct did the same on the old...
  10. C

    02 RSV shuts down, and won't restart when hot

    I have an 02 RSV with about 17000 miles. I bought the bike a couple months ago, and it test rode great, but the next time I rode it, it shut down almost like it hit fuel cut, when I was trying to get into the throttle. It wouldn't restart after stalling, so I walked home, got my truck and came...
  11. B

    2008 RSV Factory unsteady idle

    The bike has had a consistant idle and was a pleasure at stop lights. yesterday the idle falters after a while and then the engine cuts. I have checked for faults on diagnostic and all is clear. I find not leaks on the vacuum piping and bike starts well. The battery charges at 12,5V. the bike...
  12. echelon

    RSV Tuono/Millie 03-05 exhaust downpipes stainless steel?

    Hi All A simple question if someone is able to answer, is the standard Tuono/Millie exhaust downpipes/ collector made of stainless steel. If they are I was going to remove them and clean them up, if not the can stay hidden.
  13. R

    01 rsv mille

    I’ve recently acquired this beautiful bike and can not seem to figure out why it won’t turn over. Efi will flash once in awhile. When it doesn’t flash (after the original 3 secs) “cold” flashes. Checked the the fuses and such. They seem good. When efi flashes I do not see a code. Do I need to...
  14. Clinton

    RSV 1000R Factory

    Hi Guys I am new to the group and have always had a love for the Italian Ladies :inlove I owned a Ducati 748 Biposta before I bought the Aprilia in April this year. But my love was short lived when only after about 250km the gearbox packed up. (Busy with a CPA Claim against Dyna by Quint, the...
  15. H

    2003 RSV Mille - South Africa - Head Light

    Hi Guys, I've got a 2003 RSV Mille and want a “untainted” headlight. Part No: AP8124945 Does anyone know of one?
  16. R

    Rsv 1000 mille motor.

    Located in Sarasota. Make an offer. Has wiring harnesses, less throttle body and oil drain plug is missing. Make offer.
  17. J

    Custom ‘02 RSV Mille Race Bike

    Custom 2002 Aprilia RSV Mille for sale. 18k miles. Current CA registration. $4,500 obo. Bike is located in Goleta, CA. Custom race fiberglass has endurance style headlight and taillight. Clean and stored indoors it's whole life. I’m having a hard time uploading photos here from my phone, but...
  18. M

    Wanted Gen 1 2003 RSV Mille R

    RSV Mille R 2003 Gen 1 (black frame) must be low miles/owners service history and in excellent condition, will travel to locate right bike.Must be MINT.
  19. badgermilk

    RSV track bike

    Hi all new mtb hobby forces sale of my RSV track bike that I've owned for 7 years but not used in a while. Previously had a daytime mot and I have the v5. Aprilia rsv track bike full package. Everything you need to get you on track. Full spares track stands, tyre warmers. Upgraded and fully...
  20. B

    99 RSV Mille spares/repairs

    Selling due to non use, Brought the bike a year ago to use as track bike used a handful of times & stored went to fire up one day and the fuel pump packed in so will need a new one to run again. Tyres have plenty life, brakes, all electricals work. Exhaust system alone was £450 Previous owner...