1. Tash

    01-03 RSVR ohlins shock

    01-03 RSVR ohlins shock, in realy good condition and includes the linkage and dog bone £325 including UK delivery, will ship abroad at the buyers cost. Cheers Mark
  2. D

    2004 RSVR Factory stopped running and rev counter stuck on 9000rpm

    Hi All, I'm new to the community and proudly own a 2004 RSVR Factory, 2002 Mille R and I'm in the middle of restoring a 1996 RS250 Biaggi replica. I'm having an issue with the 2004 RSV factory and wonder if any of you experts can help. It's been of the road for 1 year and battery ran flat...
  3. H

    Short Carbon Swingarm protector wanted (custom made)

    Hi everyone, I few years ago I bought a pair of short (small) carbon swingarm protectors for my RSVR 2002 off a guy selling them on ebay. These were custom made for me as they were not full length and not the normal short ones that you can currently get on Ebay. Sods law is that I have damaged...
  4. kawasakiinit

    2009 rsvr emmobiliser light on dash

    hi guys i noticed today that my emmobiliser red light on dash had stopped flashing ,i started it up without issue and after shut down the light was flashing again .. the bike has been stood a couple of weeks ,does the lamp stop flashing after a time to save battery or somehting ??? .bike was...
  5. W

    RSVR GEN 2 misfire

    Hi All, I’ve got a 2005 gen 2 RSV which runs like a champ for about an hour then it starts to misfire, pops, bangs and feels like it’s really struggling to run. I’ve changed the plugs, oil, oil filter, air filter, stator, rectifier. Be checked the tubes on the throttle body and they are fine...
  6. S

    Want To Buy 03 rsvr wanted

    Looking for an 03 rsvr in black if anyone has one for sake. Thanks Nick
  7. G

    WTB - Gen 2 RSVR Clocks

    Due to crasing on my clocks I'm after a replacement dash, the clocks don't need to work just the perspex to be in good order, Let me know if you have anything, I'm based in the UK Thanks Chris
  8. K

    Rsvr 03 gen 1 exhaust

    Hi looking for either a standard exhaust for rsvr 03 last model gen 1 it has a bronze tinted brushed finish must be like new condition or some arrow shotguns can be contacted on 07932 907906 thanks all.
  9. K

    2005 Rsvr

    Hello there, I am from South Africa. My motor had a problem with crank bearing. What motor will be compatible with my bike.
  10. S

    WTB RSVR 05 Clocks and silver seat cowl

    Hi I just got an 2005 RSVR it has a fault where the mileage and temp is not showing properly like in the broken calculator the rest is ok also looking for a silver seat cowl.
  11. J

    Full racing double exhaust for Mille Rsvr 2001

    I need help to find a full racing double exhaust for aprilia Mille Rsvr/2001, akrapovic,leovince... it,s to race whith this bike..! :-) Tanks in advance
  12. R

    WANTED - Gen 2 RSVR Clocks

    Hi guys, I'm looking for the Gen2 RSVR clocks as mine are the faulty ones ... roughly 17k miles or thereabouts but they must be the ones that keep the mileage ... Thanks
  13. LEON

    RSVR 2006 essential mods....

    Just got a bargain 2006 RSVR, I've had 3 RSVs before but always had battery/charging issues, so I want to try and get all the upgrades I can for the charging system as well as a few other mods, anything you can suggest? Flapper valve sounds very annoying, I saw a guide on here but the pics are...
  14. LEON

    RSVR pillion seat 2004/2005

    In excellent condition, code is DIS.XE106203. It came with my 2006 RSVR but doesn't fit properly, mine needs the overhanging bit at the front. I've read it'll fit a Tuono from 2006 - 2008 too. I have no idea how this uploader works but I can email pictures. £50 posted.
  15. S

    2005 rsvr running issue

    Hi Guys Can anyone help with below.... Issue with 2005 RSVR that it runs mint for around 30 miles, then has massive misfire and is impossible to ride. Once bike has cooled down its perfect again but only for 30 miles or so. So far have changed, plugs, coils, fuel filter, had injectors cleaned...
  16. N

    Newbie RSVR Gen 2 owner charging issue

    Hi Guys, I bought a gen 2 RSVR 1000 about 3 weeks ago, I love it, however I went away to Turkey last week I've come back and it has stranded me twice with a flat battery after stalling out. It stalled a couple of times before I left but I just figured it needed a service/tune. I checked the VDC...
  17. D

    RSVR (gen. 2) break lever adjuster bits required

    Hello all, Do any of you kind people have a brake lever barrel, dowel, grub screw adjuster assembly ? Mine pinged out and cannot be found. The bazzer. Thanks in advance.
  18. J

    RSVR dyno printout - what to do next?

    Hi guys, I've finally put my '07 RSVR on a dyno and it turns out I'm running quite a bit rich mixture(see attached picture, sorry I've rotated it in my PC but it still wouldn't turn after I uploaded it). It's most likely due to the fact that I bought it in St.Louis, MO area (elevation 460ft)...
  19. Graffi

    Rsvr 2002 cutting out

    Hi all, I some help please.... RSVR 2002, power commander and chip. My rsvr 2002 has started cutting out's fine on tick over never Misses a beat. I'm riding along and it is like someone has switch it off for a second then it's back to life. I've changed side stand sensor, tilt...
  20. Tash

    Breaking Gen 2 RSVR

    As per the title, I am breaking my Gen 2 RSVR track bike, most parts available. Let me know what you need. Cheers Mark