1. I

    Tuono gen1 Sachs rear shock

    Does anyone knows is there any repair or service kit for Sachs rear shock absorber and can you give me a link? I am getting heavier spring and would like to service that shock while at it. Thanks for any help Poslano sa mog LYA-L29 koristeći Tapatalk
  2. L

    Sachs rear unit

    Call me stupid...but...on the sachs rear sudpension unit on my 02 mille there is a black dial on the top this renound or compression? ....& where is the 'other' adjuster for rebound or compression, looked at bottom of spring but cant see anything!!! Read tons of stuff but just cant find...
  3. Tash

    Gen 2 Sachs shock

    As per the title, excellent condition except for a couple of scuffs on the spring, recently serviced £110 including delivery. Cheers Mark
  4. M

    Want To Buy 01-03 Sachs shock

    Must be in good working condition and reasonably priced. Cheers.
  5. P

    APRILIA RSV MILLE RP Sachs Gold Shock Absorber

    Hellow The absorber was fitted on 2003 rsv mille. It works perfect. Asking abou 90€. Best regards
  6. H

    Rsv gen 1 Sachs rear shock

    My friend has a rear black /white spring rear shock Working 100 % But spring could do with a clean up £60 posted if any1 is interested Thanks James
  7. N

    Want To Buy (DK) Sachs shock, white spring or yellow w. links (pre '03). Thanks

    or an Ohlins at a bargain... :eatcorn
  8. andirsv

    Want To Buy 01-03 Sachs shock

    Guys i need a standard shock to put my mille back to standard if anyone has one spare?
  9. A

    UK - Breaking Sachs shock and linkage from 2000

    I need to clear my original sachs shock from a '00 Mille. I removed the height adjuster as the lock nut had split and pi:angryed up the adjuster and the threads. The shock is in good condition and was rebuilt recently prior to the damage and has no leaks. All the parts of this shock are...
  10. apostrophe

    Sachs rear shock for sale

    Very good condition. Removed from a 2003 Mille in 2008 at less than 12000 miles and replaced with a new Ohlins. Some pictures... £100 + delivery. Insured delivery is £9.50 in the...
  11. C

    sachs shock

    just took a sachs shock off my rsvr 01/02 model . i put it on as the ohlins needed repairing ,now its back on i no longer need the sachs ,its i think off an early model as its black with a white spring blue preload rings and a red rebound adjuster ,any ideas on its worth :dunno
  12. apostrophe

    eBay Auction Sachs Rear Shock from 2003 bike

    I put this on ebay, if anyone is interested. Buy it now or best offer. Thanks :)
  13. A

    Sachs height adjuster

    Had a bad experience tonight and wanted to share it. Earlier this year I noticed my locknut for my Sachs shock height adjuster had split so wound the shock down to the shortest setting (so it couldn't move anywhere) and thought I'd sort it out in the winter:roll I presumed the bottom of the...
  14. RSVkwackers

    Sachs Rear Shock - 2000 RSV MILLE

    is for sale including linkage if anybody wants or requires one. £30 ono.....or will px for some new knee sliders as mine are worn out:devious
  15. butch1276

    ohlins in, sachs out

    allo , put the ohlins on this morning an jeez its firmed up the rear !!!! just goes to show how bouncy the sachs was:thumbup
  16. L

    Sachs rear shock

    Hi, Have for sale Sachs rear shock from Tuono-R 2008 about 8.5k on. £70 posted anywhere. Regards Petr
  17. L

    Sachs steering damper

    Hi Guys, Just bought new steering damper, and old one is for sale, its Sachs from 08-Tuono R, in good condition and come with plastic cover and mounting. Looking for £60 inc. P&P (UK only). Regards Petr
  18. K

    sachs steering damper rsv 98-09

    sach steering damper will fit all the rsv and tuonos. £100 ovno can post all over uk and ireland
  19. andirsv

    Adjusting the rebound on Sachs shock??

    Alright guys, Can anyone tell me how to take some rebound of the (yellow) Sachs shock on my '03 Tuono?? There is a knurled "nut" at the bottom of the shock but which way should i turn to take some off?? When bouncing the rear it is WAY to slow to come back up!!! Cheers.............:thumbup
  20. C

    ohlins v sachs

    how do sachs compare to ohlins . my rear shock (ohlins)the lower mount/ride height adjuster has snapped, i have priced up a new mount which is £30 +vat not so bad but after taking out the threaded bit from the base of the shock it has taken the threads out as it has a spring loaded pin at...