1. Pottsy1

    And another Scottish Blast

    Come on guys post some runs possibly the last decent Sunday of the year A short blast to the Rest N Be Thankfull for a coffee and home via the washboard at Arrochar and over the military road to Loch Lomond Brilliant run
  2. Pottsy1

    Scottish Blast

    Short 140 mile round trip to Green Welly Tyndrum and Inverary with my wee lad on the back Nice Triumph parked up at the Welly Pics attached
  3. fusebox

    scottish suspension set up day/s

    see me tha noo ma pals away up the rood have asked aboot a sussy set up dae would yee lads be interersted or noo?? lets start this thrread and see how it goes!! cheers ! Griff
  4. andirsv

    Aprilia Performance - Scottish tour date.....

    Righty O boys and girls....... It's getting near that time again when I start to arrange a Scottish date for the Meister to attend!!! So, after a brief chat with Griff, I propose a date in February 2013 for this. It'll be (as usual) at my place in west Lothian, which seems a pretty central...
  5. mad biff

    scottish ride oot to the ap open day tamworth ?????

    any scottish guys heading for the aprilia open day on sunday ,me and my big mate are thinking on going down for a blast should be a 3ana half hour stint each way or close to 4 hours for smoke stops lol .could meet up alomg the way if anyones up for it. if weathers not to bad lol:thumbup
  6. bryanthegoat

    Scottish Ride OOOT 3

    Alreet peeps ,I know i don't belong here any more but i still wanted to get a ride oot sorted cause the last one failed i feel i have unfinished buisness with this thing and also have sounded this out with a couple of forum members but as i now own a triumph how would you's feel about a double...
  7. bryanthegoat

    Scottish Ride OOOT 2

    Right i'm hopefully gettin the bike back this week sometime and i should have some working indicators:devious,have to get some tyres fitted :deviousso i thought i better get a ride oot planned hopefully sortin it for sat or sun 28th or 29th of may,thats giving me a bit more time to sort out...
  8. bryanthegoat

    Scottish Ride OOOT

    Okay here goes have been reading alot about ride out happening south of the border and gettin pissed off i cant go soooooo how abouts some of us on the forum from Bonnie Scotland get together(not in a weird sexual way mind)....So if anyone comes up wi some dates and places lets get the ball...
  9. andirsv

    A word of warning to the Scottish contigent....

    Just a quickie guys to let you know what happened to me this morning:angry:angry Got a slow puncture on my front wheel, so decided to take it to Carrick Yamaha, edinburgh (my nearest motorcycle delaer/workshop to my work) to ask them to remove the wheel, replace the valve and check the bead...
  10. andirsv

    Scottish guys......

    Alright guys, Griff will be up here in a week and a half to service my bike. As you you know. he's happy to help us with a suspension workshop. I will confirm with him asap regarding the time he wants to put it on but can you get in touch if you're coming (i presume it will be on the 2nd April...
  11. andirsv

    Scottish bike show........poor!

    Alright guys.......just a wee warning .......the show really isn't up to much at all:jack Didn't see any real good deals (ie pair of 2ct's......£225 ! ! ) cheaper on line!! If you've nothing at all better to do then maybe go but don't expect too much!! I won't be going back again!!:jack:jack
  12. andirsv

    Scottish bike show, who's going??

    Alright guys, i'm going on the Sunday as birthday celebrations on Saturday!! If anyone going on this day PM me yuor mobile and we'll meet up. Be nice to put a face to some names!!:thumbup
  13. alan

    Scottish motorcycle show March 14the&15th

    Hey guys...happy new year. Haven't started many threads before. Just wondered if anyone was intrested in getting together and arriving en-mass at the Scottish motorcyle show 14th&15th March. love the forum.:thumbup