1. H

    Brighton run sunday

    Anyone else doing the Ace café Brighton run on Sunday ? I`ll be heading down from Planet Thanet around 9:30am. I`ve always done the Hastings mayday run for the last 10yrs and this one the last 3-4yrs and it`s just as if not bigger than that one.
  2. W

    This kinda makes the mille look like a Sunday stroll :(

    I'll probably get my arse kicked for posting this in here but I reckon most of you won't mind and will love the vid seeing as we all share a common interest in death defying antics. Reckon I'd trade the mille in for one of these suits! Watch it in HD on a big screne :D...
  3. S

    Sunday ride with spred and rsv steve

    Hi chaps is anyone up for a ride on sunday i think thats the 20th any one near sussex area if we get a few we will come up with a meeting place or ring or text spred on 07786665808.cheers hope to see you soon.
  4. Garvey2003

    Aprilia Performance- Tamworth 2011- Sunday 4th September 2011 South West ride up?

    Any one going from the south west on Sunday who want to meet up. Last year I think about 4 of us meet along the way, Swindon A419 up to Cirencester, on to the Fosse way :devious Nice bit of road if the weather is good Anyway, Im heading up early to make a day of it and meeting Pompy Pimp at...
  5. gizgrey

    anybody going up to east fortune on sunday!!

    me and the boy going up to the racing on sunday if anybody wants to meet and have a run up,:thumbup if its nice anyway:roll
  6. Wingman

    Why don't dealers open on a Sunday?

    Anyone know why dealers don't open Sundays or am I the only guy that wants to by a new bike? Moto Rapido, Moto Corsa, Forza Italia, Triumph dealers......etc are shut and me with money in my pocket. Saturdays involves homely duties so I'm stuffed unless I take a day off work and lose money - Crazy.
  7. pompey-pimp

    Rideout to Loomies on Sunday????

    According to the BBC website sunday is looking nice so who is up for a rideout:dunno
  8. R

    picking up rsv on sunday

    Hi all im new to the world of rsv's as am picking my bike up on sunday straight swap my blackbird (71000 miles) for a 1999 sp lookalike with 12900 miles Cant wait
  9. RobRSV03

    Ace Cafe, Brighton burn up, Sunday 13th

    Ace Cafe Reunion weekend 11th, 12th, 13th. Brighton burn up on sunday, leaving Ace Cafe at 10.30am :doug Anyone going already or fancy meeting up, at Cafe or Brighton... PM me Might be last good weekend before winter...Boo
  10. butch1276

    brands!!! sunday any takers

    hi folks ive given up going today:roll but does anyone from the wilts/hants area want to meet up at fleet services and scoot over to kent:devious ,i was a right billy no mates today so binned it and stayed at home :jack sad tosser that i am !!!
  11. K

    Sunday Wanderings

    Me and the little chap (Amb67) were thinking of going for a gentle pootle to the coast on Sunday........Rye or somewhere like that. Please join us if you like (brave fools). Will arrange relevant meeting place (s) tonight.
  12. M

    Sunday run yorkshire

    come on you yorks slackers :biggrin this sunday weather perm , who`s up for it squires , seaways , willingham woods , where ever not bovered ,be nice to put some names to faces or even just make some up :eatcorn
  13. long face

    sunday fizz round!

    me and my mate had a ride to skeggy today. then went to boston,grantham,the weather was fantastic really enjoyed it.(his r6 exhaust is a tad loud):thumbup
  14. R

    sunday ride

    anyone doin owt in yorkshire area tomorrow, fancy hookin up,:pirate

    Ride in Brittany Sunday 12th April

    Lovely day here so we toured round the coast a bit, until bored :thumbup New slave cylinder made a hell of a difference but neutral harder to find now. :dunno feck me im getting bald :rant
  16. B

    Sunday is the 1st of March

    And the start of the WSBK season and i canny wait:doug beer in fridge wife been told to go and buy a few pairs of shoes.............roll on Sunday and GO!!GO!!GO!! MAX & SHINYA:thumbup
  17. W

    Was you at Rivington barn this Sunday??

    Went up to the barn this Sunday around 1pm must have been around 7 RSV'S plus a couple of Tuonos there as well, never seen so many bikes at the barn for a good while, so glad I have not sorn my bike for the winter Was you there?:thumbup
  18. crashtd

    Aprilia RSV4 to be Released Sunday.

    from It looks Sunday they'll be releasing the new are some spy shots...finally we'll get to see what's under the tape. -:banana
  19. S

    steve hislop memorial run this sunday

    hi folks was wondering if anybody was thinking of joining the hizzy run this sunday looks as if it could be a good run out :thumbup
  20. leatherface

    Superbike Sunday Eurosport Iand 2 Featuring Races From Wsbk And Bsb Today Start At 12

    World Sbk And Bsb On Today At 12.00 Eurosport 1 And 2