1. M

    Cutting out when applying throttle. 2004

    Hi guys, Really hope someone can help. Symptons are, when I go to accelerate away from a junction, the bike occasionally cuts out. So before Ive even let the clutch out and applyed throttle, it just dies.. The bike will start instantly off the button. It can even happen if Im still rolling...
  2. R

    Throttle body air screws

    What are the factory settings on a 2000 aprilia rsv mille for the air screws?
  3. T

    Throttle Position Sensor reset

    Greetings. '09 RSVR. Trying to figure out how to get it into diagnostic mode so I can check/reset my TPS. I've tried searching but apparently can't search on just 3 letters (TPS). :( The couple of posts I've found say to short a two-pin connector in the rear seat area but have also seen...
  4. W

    throttle problem

    hi guys i have a problem with my mille 2008 the rev counter is sliding around to 6 and then stopping and going back to 0 when the ignition turns on and this is due to the throttle becoming all i can describe as limp. When i start the bike t is free with no resistance and i have to repeatidly...
  5. R

    Want To Buy WTB: GenII Rotax V990 Exhaust Cams and 57mm throttle bodies

    Anyone got these bits?
  6. A

    Engine casings and throttle body

    Clutch casing 50 delivered Stator casing 50 delivered Throttle body 50 delivered Off 2003 mille r
  7. D

    Backfires out airbox at low RPMs and shuts off with little throttle blip.

    I own a 2008 RSVR and have had this problem for about a year now. When idling it backfires from the airbox and drops a few RPMs. If I give it a little throttle in neutral it will intermittently backfire and shut off. (Loud clank and engine shuts off) When riding, starting to move from a stop, it...
  8. T

    57 mm throttle upgrade, bike won't fire

    Hi guys anyone Upgraded bodies or have ideas why I'm not getting the bike to start Changed the bodies and have and a new chip. Bike was running fine before the change. Tried unplugging the pc3.the fuel pump primes with key in ignition so believe it's getting fuel. I have switched the chips...
  9. P

    07 RSVR Bouncing idle/ throttle bodies set screws

    :dunnoI have bouncing idle on my RSV I have look at all vacuum hoses and they are fine. I changed spark plugs and still doin the same thing. I see the throttle bodies balance screws, not sure if that's what they are called. They are located right next to them. I saw the right side screw slightly...
  10. S

    2000 RSV millie running issue

    Hi guys. Im new to the forum and also new to riding. Ive just started riding my 2000 rsv mille 1000cc Ive had moto x bikes most my early teens but this is the 1st big road bike ive ever had. The bike was my dads but due to his health he can no longer ride, he gave me the bike and ive only...
  11. Tash

    57mm throttle bodies

    Got a set of 57s for sale, including adapter plugs to fit to gen1 £70 including postage. Cheers Mark
  12. R

    01 RSV Mille - bouncy throttle.

    Hi All.. Seems all the bugs on the bike are coming out all at once. Over the last week or two, I've been experiencing what I can only describe as bouncy throttle while cruising at a constant speed or low throttle input. On hard throttle the problem completely disappears. While this bouncing...
  13. A

    for sale 2gen throttle bodies

    Pics and details on email or pm. 100 usd plus shipping.
  14. Big.Dave

    1999 mille needing throttle bodies balenced

    Any suggestions? I'm in North Norfolk. Want someone who I can trust to do it properly
  15. R

    how to set throttle bodie balancing

    can any one tell me how to balance throttle bodies please cheers rick i have an rsv 2000 model with 9000 miles on her
  16. G

    Throttle issue 07 RSVR

    So here is my issue. Over the weekend I decided to finally install the bazzaz z-fi I've had sitting in the box. I got everything fitted and connected without much drama. When I went to start it for the first time, it was running ok and then I blipped the throttle. Then the bike revved and would...
  17. B

    My RSVR with 57mm throttle body conversion Dyno results

    Ok so Tues this week took bike Year 2000 model (V990 engine) to Aprilia Performance in Tamworth to get my 57mm throttle bodies finished off. NB the bike also has:- Hooked Air box Modded collector (redratbikes specials) Gabro F255 Chip Early Power commander (serial version, not suitable for...
  18. B

    Got my 57mm Throttle bodies on today !! :)

    Off to see Griff to set up in Feb will get the dyno results up later :thumbup Modded exhaust (redratbikes) Gabro F255 Chip Hooked air box PC3 Titanium RSV can The standard ones I'm holding. Looking forward to the results. Lots of fun for Aragon in May :thumbup Will vid dyno runs for you all to...
  19. A

    Throttle bodies

    So I've been told you can fit Haga rep throttle bodies 57mm to my 2001 mille which has 51mm?? Any idea what I'm looking for and how much I should be paying??
  20. G

    lean off throttle

    I'm a noob to the 1000R and to this forum, but been around bikes a lot. I hope you gearheads won't mind me crashing the party! I have an 07 Tuono and plan to put some clip-ons and get er track ready. My question though has more to do with off throttle deceleration. Engine seems to pop a bit...