1. E

    648 loctite sprag clutch curing time

    Hi all ive tried using search for this answer but lots of different answers. im under the impression ive got leave it 24hrs before attempting to start after fixed is this correct or can i try it see if starts and then leave it 24hr?? thank you
  2. A

    Wit tyres this time !!

    Hello Has anyone tried Pirelli angel gts on there mille ? I need to replace my Dunlop qualifiers and I am looking for something that will last more than 1000 miles this time without losing performance ! any recommendations ? cheers
  3. Alien 1

    Hi Guys, 1st time buyer of Aprilia,

    Hi, I am looking at an RSV Factory 06 tomorrow and would like some feedback on what to look for and or some questions that I should be asking, The guy has had it regularly serviced every year for the last 10yrs. Many thanks
  4. A

    Time for a twin!

    I'm looking at buying an 2001 2002 rsv, is there anything I need to keep an eye out for apart from the obvious? Thanks in advance
  5. A

    First time twin

    Hi there, Just bought my first twin sportsbike an '08 RSV 1000R ohlins edition, ridden back from Southport, it got a little getting used to after my '96 kawasaki ZX7R, but an amazing ride , looking forward to getting info from more experienced owners. cheers avprsv
  6. R

    1st time owner

    hi new to site just purchased my 1st aprilia a 2000 rsv mille any on on here from the northeast
  7. A

    Newbie here but long time aprilia fan!

    Hi..Just a quick intro, Im Andy from Preston Lancs, Aprilia Factory owner and big Ape fan! Owned 2 gen1 RSV's and this is my second Factory, running map2 with modded pipes and full suspension setup..I love it! Im also an ex-SXV550 racer/trackdayer so quite an Aprilia fan:thumbup Its good to be...
  8. S

    First time Aprilia owner

    Hello all. Recently treated myself to a silver 2003 mille. Never owned italian before but i can definitely see me falling in love with the way she handles. Does have a heavy clutch though, it seems to be a standard bike apart from an Akropovic slip on so i am looking for tips to personalise...
  9. G

    First time Aprilia owner - got a Falco

    Hello there, my first Aprilia and first non-Japanese bike for a long time (had a Moto Guzzi V50 that lasted 24 hours a long time ago!). Generally impressed with the bike, got some low rev fuelling issues which I'll post elsewhere, but otherwise a great buy. Cheers Simon
  10. G

    RSV4 factory dyno time and smoked front lenses

    Hi all Has anyone got any recommendation thru their own experience,for a dyno shop to custom map my PCV and also Im looking for some smoked front indicator lenses?? Help would be much appreciated.
  11. A

    06 rsv just developed misfire and not charging at the same time. Help please

    HI all, newbie here looking for help. My 06 rsv1000 has been running fine for the 4 months in my ownership. Shes done 32k miles but has never missed a beat. Then on my way to work last week i had a misfire. Then it cleared, then it came back. Took the bike out later on in the day, and the...
  12. R

    First time Aprilia and V-twin owner! Need some advice please guys!

    Hello everyone! Just got myself a new toy a couple of weeks back and I love it already! Its a rsv mille on a 99' plate. Been getting my hands dirty and so far given it a full service with the long oil filter! (That was a pain), a new k and n air filter, new rear pads, new castrol racing...
  13. theruck

    time line of mine

    2008 - all defaults + fabbri screen 2010 - airbox mod +dr. rossi chip + exhaust 2012 - braking wave discs + race fairings + collectors mod + stomp grips = track bike only 2013 - new coat havin 38000 km today. hopefully she will hold at least one more season
  14. R

    How do I set the time on my clocks?????

    I know this has probably been covered on here before but I can't find it. I have only just got my bike, it's an '02 RSVR, and the hand book is in Dutch!!!!! Please tell me how to set the time on my clocks!!! Thank you
  15. J

    Dyno. About time too.

    Got my 02 Mille dyno'd today at http://www.motrac-racing.com/ £150 for nearly 3 hours on the dyno to set up my PCIII map.:eatcorn Final results were 125hp and 73.2 Max Torque. Overall I'm happy with results, throttle response improved lot, pulls like a train now. Speedo Sensor broke on way...
  16. R

    New member,first time Mille owner

    Hi everybody,just thought I would introduce myself, I have just bought my first Mille and it's the 2000 Mille r model in immaculate condition,already started doin mods to it,carbon here and there,also bought a chip for it,the rsv titanium chip,but this didn't work and had no setting of fuel pump...
  17. M

    Advice for first time owner?

    I have just purchased a millie. Its on a 51 plate and was imported here from America a number of years ago. Not really touched it yet went for short blast on the weekend but thats it. Back brakes are non existent. No horn. Other than that its pretty tidy. And now the questions... -Are...
  18. pat

    sticker time

    Hi guy's It's that time of the year again for me to make another batch of "rsv zone" stickers. so if anyone want's them they are £1 each plus 50p postage. they will be white but other colours are available upon request. pm me if interested...
  19. searsy

    My RSV Factory pokes it head out of the garage for the 1st time

    My RSV Factory, bought of a 'yob with too much money & not enough sense' :kicknuts in November, been sat in my garage ever since (apart from a very expensive service/geometry check) waiting for March 1st for the SORN is lifted so I can get it out for its 1st blast :bwtiller Will be changing the...